Comboing into DP Motion


I’m a new to the whole fighting game thing, and am having a lot of fun with it. I started out with MKX and so the DP motion is not something that I am very used to, so my question is:

are there any tips and tricks that help making comboing into DP motion more consistent?
I have no trouble with buttons into DP, but command normals into DP is pretty rough, particularly (as an example) Nash’s Trial No. 8.
The B+MK, LK Tragedy Assault is really rough to get consistently.

Any tips would be much appreciated.


I play Nash and xx l.TA is a cancel Nash players need to learn. It can be tough. You have to do the input as all one fluid motion. Move your stick to back, hit mk then imediately push the stick forward to go into the dp motion. The motion input should look like this: 45623


Using the the down forward down forward :df: :df: shortcut might help you out. It’s a faster motion and the games input leniency usually allows for the DP to come out because of that. You might however run into a situation where super comes out instead of DP.


I know a few people who have told me that mentally separating the input into two parts, pressing forward and then doing a QCF motion simplifies the input for them.


That’s not a shortcut…
You’re just teaching people sloppy execution.


think of the dp motions as this:

forward, Quarter Circle Forward+button.

If you can do a QCF then hold simply forward before you input the QCF.
*Because a Z motion doesn’t require the last forward input you don’t have to complete the full QCF.

The official input of a Z motion is F, Neutral, D, DF.
The game has a few shortcuts but the most known and practical one is this:
DF, D, DF, this is basically wiggling in the bottom corner while holding down.


Just a note on this: This input does not work in all fighting games. The only one of that it works in is SF4.


actually this is the motion that I ended up practicing as I was watching videos of ppl doing Nash’s trials, I noticed how fact they would hit the LP button. So tried making the b.MK xx l.TA into a single motion and it worked… now just to get execution consistent which is another story… =(

Thanks for all the help!