Comboing into SA III

Anyone got tips for comboing into SA III? I know QCB+LK–>SA III is possible, but the problem is you gotta be pretty fast or it’ll miss >_<.

I use x lk hurricane kick xx SAIII

Have to be quite fast though :S

^That would be the best way to combo into it.

Sa2 > Sa3

You can cancel an aerial hurricane kick into sa3, or air fireball into sa3.
Dragon punch (various strengths on various players) can also be cancelled into sa3.
crouching lk, lk > sa3

Overall - sa3 is simply rubbish. I was using it for over 6 months, then I switch to sa1 and woa-hey I’m actually hanging with UK’s best 3s players now.

Seriously, use that super ONLY when you want to look cool, cos Akuma sa3 is the koolest looking super in the game :cool:

I use SA1 vs Alex/Chun/Q/Remy
SA2 vs Others

Agreed :cool: I actually use SA I the most cuz it’s combo friendly.