Comboing into SA3

What’s the best tactic for this w/ necro?

back+mk, strong hook, super


low short, super


standing strong xx super


UOH into super works wonders.

Who is necro is this in street fighter alpha 3 or street fighter 3rd strike?>

You’re in the 3rd strike forum

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UOH links into SA3?

You could try Chikyuu’s b+SK, b+SK, SP >> SA3

How the hell do you do that without getting the hook instead?

You can connect SA3 after UOH, just has to be a meaty UOH.

Just do it up close, and don’t start the super motion until after you’ve pressed MP.

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UOH doesn’t have to be meaty to link. It also works if you UOH from about max range, so it hits late.

yeah i can only get the uoh to sa3 to connect from max range. can get some help on how to get it to connect on a meaty hit.

Yeah, that too. I just figured a max range one hits them pretty late, so it’s similar to meaty. Just didn’t bother to type it. lol

Necro gets some major air when doing a UOH. Just gotta practice the timing, and you can catch people really late in the UOH on your way down.

yeah either do it from max range, or early on wakeup so only the very end hits.

(check out my all-powerful necro’s combo thread)

b+sk, xx SA3. 49 damage. 60 w/ taunt.
UOH, SA3. 44 damage. 57 w/ taunt.
fp tornado hook, b+mk xx mp tornado hook xx SA3. 50 damage. 56 w/ taunt.

UOH, SA3. 50 damage. 63 w/ taunt.

fp tornado hook, fp denpa (2 hits) xx SA3, jp denpa, db+fp. 51 damage. 58 w/ taunt.
b+sk, xx SA3, mp denpa. 61 damage.
b+rk, xx SA3, mp denpa. 65 damage. 80 w/ taunt.
b+rk, xx SA3, mp denpa. 68 damage.
b+rk, xx SA3, jp denpa, db+fp. 69 damage.

ex flying viper, SA3. 22 damage.
ex raging cobra, SA3. 25 damage.

(jumping corner)
ex raging cobra, jp denpa, SA3. 30 damage.

UOH ??

Universal OverHead, mp+mk

  1. What does necro’s taunt do? You’re making it look dangerous.
  2. denpa?
  3. You list damage, but how do these compare stun-wise?

Necro’s taunt adds damage to the next hit/combo (you don’t need to hold the taunt).

Denpa = electricity (srk motion+p)

Try computating this one and let me know the damage to this…This was from one of the vid’s i’ve seen vs. Chun (old one but it’s worth).

(1stpart- corner combo)
B.fwd-str. th (tornado hook)-SA3 (stunned)- st. jab, d. frce, st. str,
d. frce, st. jab-jab. ES (electric Shock)…then Frce. TH-Frce ES (this last part’s pretty damaging)

Now I know there are more variants to more of this…Some of what a friend showed me were:

after the first part of the combo (after the SA3), some juggles were:

(during stun for all combos)
-st. jab to either ex/regular raging cobra

-Several db. Frce elbows (with chun and some other chars, you can possibly do close to six if given the space to do so in the corner)

-st. jab to ex FV (flying viper), j. TH, etc… Now i know the limit to hitting an opp w/o stun is six, but it varies how high they “float” after the SA3 to give time for juggling.

one time i did was after frce. TH (in corner), j. TH x 2, j.Denpa-> taunt, (chance for juggling during stun), tho I didn’t know how to continue it…Gotta check more from him…