Comboing into super accidentally


this has happened to me while i’ve been running through trials trying to pick a character to main.

most recently with ken. im doing the trials but really just also practicing ultra motions a lot on my stick. every once in a while my character will throw out an attack seemingly while i’m performing the super motion.i guess the motions are still buffering, and almost immediately after it connects its canceled into the super.

does somebody know what i’m doing? is this how good players combo into supers against standing opponents? because to me it seems like you dont have enough time to hit your opponent and then perform the super motion if it wasn’t buffering already. but then again i suck…so. would just kinda like to know how to do this intentionally so maybe i can cancel a normal into a super during a real match. i think im still like a month away from my first successful srk>fadc>ultra :stuck_out_tongue: