Comboing into supers


Hi all,

I’ve been playing SF4 for a while now but decided to go back for SSF2T for change.

I’m having the hardest time connecting supers in combos. for instance, Ryu’s cr.HP into his super or ken’s cr.MK into his super. I have no trouble doing this is SF4 but I just can’t seem to get it in SSF2T.

Is there some kind of technique I’m missing?

Also, in the link below you see Chun Li walking forward and then doing her super or jumping LK then immediately doing her super. How is that?



To combo into supers you will need to buffer your inputs.
The command for Ryu c.HP XX Super would be :qcf::df::d:+:hp::qcf:+punch

I recommend using another punch button for the Super, like :mp:, so you will able to press mp a split second after the c.HP. To combo into supers in ST you will need to “almost” kara cancel the normal you want to combo the super from.

The chun-li thing is her walking super glitch.
To do it, just input the directional inputs for the super and hold forward and then press kick whenever you want. She will keep the charge as long as you keep holding any forward direction.


Check the Super Turbo Wiki. Search (Ctrl+F) for “stored moves” to learn about Chun Li’s walk up super. More strategies for her super are presented at the Chun Li section.

For Comboing Ryu’s super, check theRyu section, under “super combos.” For Ken’s, comboing from a cr.forward can be troublesome due to overlapping with his “crazy kicks.” Professionals (and the legions of players who try to replicate their strategies) prefer comboing it out of cr.short,cr.short. It is explined in the Ken section, under Combos.


Thank you all. This is really helpful. :slight_smile:


Pffft, comboing into supers is overrated in ST. Its all about random supers my man.


“The difference between the Japanese and Americans is that the Japanese combo into super…Americans just throw it out there and hope it hits”.

  • John Choi

This quote is more or less accurate compared to when I first heard it.


Supers in ST are not ment to be comboed in the first place. I’m sure Choi was talking other games where comboing into supers is way easier. Why do you think for the longest time ST in the U.S. basically consisted of Boxer, Claw, O.Sagat, Ryu, Dhalsim, and Dictator.


Infinites aren’t meant to exist, but does that stop anyone from using them ?


How would it make sense if he were talking about a game where it’s easy to combo into supers. The whole idea is that it’s something that takes effort to learn. If it were a game that it’s easy to combo into supers, there’s very little reason why American players wouldn’t be doing it.


I agree. In SSF2T supers takes a LOT of life and with no to little damage scaling, can turn the game around if properly comboed. (I know this can be said if you just connected the super but getting that low MK into super on a missed lp SK is just too good :smokin:)


I guess alot of people didnt realize that my first comment was me being sarcastic. If you can super cancel, more power to you. The only super cancel I see as being practical in any competitive match would be Ken’s short, short xx super.

The reason why I like ST because its not a game about building meter per se. For the most part, doing fancy super cancels isnt really necessary and unless you can connect with it 100% of the time, I would suggest doing it in a competitive match.


Nor were CPS1 chains in SF2 WW, but people used them, making Guile God tier in that game. Choi used that quote for ST, iirc, and I think he meant that when it was possible.