Comboing into Sweep (without Counter hit) (Video)

The very last jab before the sweep is a bit finicky from character to character, will require a bit of time investment/practice to memorize, but could be useful in a match. Offline, of course.

I think I spend too much time in the lab.

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Nice find. Now to find safe jump set ups from this.

you can do an easy sweep combo on Chun-li with the following:,, st.lp, you have to delay the jab from after the cr lk. Honestly it is easy to get down as after i was tinkering in the training room i found it. I think it is one of the easier sweep combos, because of her hurtbox ranges being somewhat the same as Makoto stick out more then they should, as this same combo works on her as well.

nice find! i didnt even think of using in the combos.

That’s very helpful. So is there any setups discovered after these sweep combos?