Comboing off Hulk's ground throw

The other day I played someone online who was playing Hulk/Nemesis/Taskmaster. This team has a lot of synergy, and was able to pull off something I’d never seen before, namely comboing off Hulk’s ground throw. If he had two bars, he was THCing into Nemesis right as Hulk’s ground throw ended, and Nemesis’s rocket hyper starts up so quickly he was able to keep comboing. The entire Gamma Crush lands, and before Nemesis’s hyper has ended Hulk has time to get over to the opponent and launch them after the ground bounce from the last rocket. It’s pretty awesome.

So, has anyone encountered any other combinations that will allow you to get a combo off this? I couldn’t find any other hypers that worked for that THC trick, though I have started to wonder if Storm’s Hail Storm might work. I’m not sure what the startup on that is.

This was covered a little while ago over in the Nemesis thread - some cool stuff in video here: [media=youtube]T5ede5JCs7A[/media]

Storm’s THC sounds like it should work, but I’ve never personally played with it.

shoutouts to Double A


I just figured out that if you call Ghost Rider hellfire assist right before forward throwing your opponent, you can follow up with anti air gamma charge light-heavy into a combo. Hellfire is such a good assist for hulk, better than gunshot cause it picks up two characters…the only problem is it is attached to Ghost Rider :s