Comboing off Team Aerial Counters. (Glitch?)


Did a quick search and didn’t see anything, assuming this is new?


Basically, certain characters are able to combo off of team aerial counters. Normals, supers, pretty much anything that works in any other combo is valid. I’m unsure of the exact requirements but I’m thinking you need to have a certain percentage of speed boost for it to work.

Obviously Xfactor is the easiest way for any given character to get a speed boost, so I did a bit of testing and came up with these results. All tests done with level 3 Xfactor and the opponent in the corner.

List of characters capable of the glitch:

Wesker (No glasses)
Firebrand (With or without Luminous Body)
Dark Phoenix
Wolverine (Berserker Charge)
Iron Man[/details]

And for the sake of completeness, a list of characters incapable of the glitch:

Wesker (Glasses on or cracked)
Tron Bonne
Frank West
Chun Li
C. Viper
Phoenix Wright (Any Mode)
Viewtiful Joe
Iron Fist
Regular Phoenix
Ghost Rider
Rocket Raccoon
Wolverine (No Berserker Charge)
Captain America
Doctor Strange
Doctor Doom

Neither Ammy nor Joe’s slow hypers make a difference as far as I can tell. The speed boost theory seems to hold up pretty well, especially when you consider Wesker and Wolverine’s results, but I don’t have the guide so I’ll leave it up to someone else to come up with exact numbers. Before anyone gets too excited, you need to have your speed boost when the TAC connects; Xfactor canceling the recovery of the counter does not work.

Maybe someone more creative than myself will do something cool with it. :v


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Anyways, do you mean something similar to this?
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Nah I’m pretty sure everyone knows about that one. I’m talking about counters; when your opponent tries to TAC and you guess right, some characters can combo off the wallbounce that gives you. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t possible in vanilla, and if it was I haven’t heard of or seen it before now.


me gusta! video por favor!


Dang, it’s a situational thing? I was hoping it was more of a “don’t you ever try to TAC me again fucker I will end you” kind of thing.
Oh well, still good to know.


I didn’t expect this to be possible since Seth in an explanation of some of the game mechanics said it wasn’t. I would think that possible level 2 Wesker (glasses off once for say super, putting them back on, then losing them after getting beat up a little more which I think is 15% speed increase or something like that) might be capable of this also. It would be pretty cool to see this in action. If this becomes more popular we know what characters to shy away from tacs on lol


Totally forgot about Wesker’s glasses. Works with them off, not with them cracked. Will update OP.





Working on it, will add to OP shortly.

Edit: Done.


Are you able to perform an air action after a TAC breaker? If so I bet someone like Wesker could teleport to the ground after an up TAC and get a combo, or even XF and then teleport and get one.


You can XF cancel the recovery but like it says in the OP, you can’t combo afterwards unless it’s already active when you counter the TAC. Without Xfactor, no, you can’t act until you hit the ground.


I recall this being added in as being possible to combo after TAC, not a glitch at all. You couldn’t at all in vanilla

good info though


Hey Thulius, I’m the one who commented on the video saying it’s not a glitch.

I can’t seem to find the goddamn change log that stated that. I’m almost sure I read about it somewhere… Now I look like a derpfuck.


No, I remember that too, the changelog said ‘‘You can combo after TAC’s now’’ or something similar but it was just a poor translation from someone and was later changed to ‘‘The timing to counter TAC’s was widened’’ or something similar. So nah, it was not intended.

However I feel Capcom should have made this possible anyways cause I hate this system more than anything and it still wouldn’t make it bad lol


This is very intriguing. I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure out exactly why these characters can do it and others can’t, it’s hard find a reason or even set of reasons that explains all these characters that doesn’t imply another character should be capable as well. I talked about it a bit at the end of Wakeup this week.

Good work Thulius, much thanks for taking care of testing all the characters :tup: