Comboing the Shippu Question

What is the best way to perform the SA3 motion in order to two-in-one from another move?

For example, when I want to xx shippu, what should be the order of the commands?

For example, my usual motion is: down+mk, d/f, f, d, d/f, f+mk. This seems to work, but I occasionally miss.

The hardest for me is getting the shippu to come out after two low shorts, or linking after b+mk or a medium punch (crouching or standing.)

In combos I have a lot of trouble doing a strong-fierce xx shippu (where is the input supposed to go/begin here? I have no trouble at all cancelling into a light shoryu). Also in the following comboes:

strong, fierce, hadoken xx shippu

strong fierce, fierce dragon punch xx shippu

If you could use the little smile icons (the arrows) in your description, that’d be great. Of course, if it would hurt the description, then dont use it.

To sum it up: basically, I have been waiting for the last move to finish for whatever move I want to link or two-in-one from and then jamming the motion for shippu in as fast as possible. I use a PS2 pad, so drumming is difficult. (BTW - random drumming question - does it make a difference if you are mashing a single kick button vs actually drumming all 3 kick buttons?)

Thanks for your help.

Try to learn how to drum. I figured out a way, and it helps a lot. You just kind of roll your thumb over the kicks or punches and throw in the appropriate shoulder button, too.

As for your sets ups, here’s what I do: xx SAIII: :d: + :mk:, :df:, :r:, :d:, :df:, :r: + :k:, xx SAIII: :d: + :lk:, :df:, :r:, :d: + :lk:, :df:, :r: + :k:

The rest seem like timing issues more than anything else. For mp, hp xx SAIII, I start drumming pretty much right after the hp hits. The cancel window is somwhere soon after the move hits, so start drumming as soon as you know you’ve hit your opponent. Canceling after a hadouken is pretty easy, you just have to figure out where the window is. It’s pretty late relative to the cancel window. I don’t think I’ve see mp, hp, fierce shoryuken xx SAIII. I’d say just stick with mp, hp xx SAIII or mp, hp, fireball xx SAIII.

Whilst we’re discussing Shippu combos, is it really of any benefit to a Ken player to MP->HP->Hadouken->Shippu? Why not simply skip the Hadouken and get the most damage out of the super?

Before you reply, yes, I am a scrub. I don’t know that much about Shotos.

i’m pretty sure shippu will come out after :qcf::d::df:+:k:. thats how i usually do it (i think).

With a hadouken, the overall combo does 53 points of damage

Without, it does 54. The damage is almost insignificant, but it could potentially matter in a tournament match. I find it much more reliable with the hadouken super cancel though

How should you begin the shippu motion in the strong-fierce target combo xx shippu, vs the strong-fierce xx hadoken xx shippu variation?

I see. Seems to be very much a judgement call then. Thanks a lot.

:mp:, :hp:, :d:, :df:, :r:, :d:, :df:, :r: + :k:

or with the fireball

:mp:, :hp:, :d:, :df:, :r: + :p:, :d:, :df:, :r: + :k:

In both cases, make you input down after you release :hp:, or else you run the risk of throwing out a fireball, which could be potentially bad the combo didn’t hit.

Just do :mp:,:hp: :qcf: :qcf:, then if the chain hits, press a kick or drum them all. It’s important to do the motion as quickly as possible; the reason you can hit confirm it is because by the time you finish the motion you can see whether the chain hit or not (at least this is how I do it). The hadoken increases the time you have to hit confirm the chain, and the damage reduction is minimal; I would say do it whichever way you’re comfortable, since a lot of top players do it with the hadoken. I just do it without because that’s the way I first learned it.

For cr.:lk:,:lk:, shippu, I just do the two cr. :lk:, and then do the super if I see them hit. I used to do :d:+:lk:,:qcf:,:lk:,:qcf: and then hit kick if it landed, but I had the super come out a lot accidentally because of negative edge.

I had the same problem. Maybe I’ll try short short :qcf: :qcf: + :k: