Combos After OR's Throw Assist



Well, I’m gonna start the OR thread off w/ a combo I’m not TOO sure connects, but if it does, it’s near death to any character that’s not Sentinel/BH/Juggs…

Colossus w/ Omega Red Throw Assist + assist, xx shoulder charge, land, superjump,, XX Divebomb super

Now, my question is. Does this work? I’m not sure on the properties of OR’s throw assist, and how much time you have to combo after it. Any ideas people?



oh whoa but where to start there are so many of them…

hmm well w/ dhalisim lp mp /\ hp ad dfXX yoga inf.…

w/storm hit them into it lightning attack up forwards XXyou get the point

hmm i’m not sure about this one but if you hit them down to the coil and then do a typhoon (horizanal) XX lighting storm?..iono about 1