Combos against crouching opponents?

Hey all, what are some bnb akuma combos that works on crouching opponents? I’ve been fightning a lot opponents who just turtle at every chance, I need some hit confirmation combos while they are crouched to ex tatsu

c mp to fireball

c mk to tatsu or fireball

Linking into cr.MP fireball (+ EX Fireball/EX Tatsu) is your basic and universal combo for opponents if they are eating your shorts and jabs whilst crouching. The EX fireball gives you a knockdown that you can begin pressure off of.

You could also go with linking your crouch jab to standing HP into HP Shoryuken.

Those are the options for pure comboing on your hit confirms. cr. HP as a filler stands opponents up on hit for your usual short tatsu to fierce Shoryu stuff. That’s all there is to give, based on what you’ve specified; but there are plenty of mix-up opportunities to be used on defensive crouching opponents, in addition to just combos.

Thanks for the help guys, 1 last question, Jumping strong Fierce punch hits a blocking crouching opponent right?

yes it does, and you can also hado fadc to sweep if you want to start the vortex that way

If you’re close you can go to HK Tatsu, the first hit makes them stand on hit, have to be very close though. but i don’t think it’s to easy to hit confirm in to it.

you can also fake them into a overhead (->+mp) or a throw when your opponent expects a block string… 90% of the time your opponent would stick out a crouching lp,or lk etc… to reverse anything you do and when you notice it you can always counter and start a combo using standing hk

crossover combos are also great in mixing it up against crouch opponents, give them the impression that you can dominate through their crouching blocks and when they start noticing it, they panic and lose control of their game =)

I wouldn’t say mp, mk into hado are combos but more like pokes and block strings. If one really wanted to start a combo on a turtle then it has to start with either 1) footsies for punish/combos 2) dive kicks - demon or jump mk 3) tatsu 4) standard jump in lp, mp, hp, lk, mk, hk mixup. Yeah, except fot 1, the other options are not as safe but those are some of the main ways to try and combo a turtle. You can also try fadc but who really gets caught on that anymore. Conclusion, footsies leading to pokes and punish /combos is your best bet on a turtle.

Personally, I demon throw as well or whiff palm into demon whenever I have meter.

If they’re blocking,, c.lp -> kara Super. Make sure they respect your shit though, otherwise you’ll eat mashed SRK, OS, etc etc.

depending on how much meter you have.

if i have 1 stock i usualy do, ex tatsu if he is in the corner you can follow up with a hp shoryu too wich is extra damage.

if i have 2 stocks i almost always go for an untechable knockdown. ie hado FADC sweep. (best option in my opinion because it opens you up to vortex options)

sure the later doesnt do much damage but i think it really opens up your options for follow up damage.

mp, mk into hado isn’t a combo? how fucking stupid are you? into fireball is, mk into fireball is dependent on distance. how stupid are you sir?

You can also stand your opponent with the Demon Flip dive kick or far st.rh

Haha, FPStud’s comment was directed towards gyrosphere, not you.

(Back on topic) I like to end combos with cr. mp xx EX hadouken if they are crouching followed up with a roundhouse demon flip. I sometimes do the cr. mp xx hadouken FADC sweep also, but not too much. It is a very good option however.

When I have no meter, I would just do a boring cr. mp xx hadouken Or if I will sometimes just opt not to take the free damage and just do a walk up throw or frame trap with cr. mp.

I’ve been noticing that cr.MP xx Hado > FADC > st.RH is actually landing on some opponents o.0

Most of the time the Hado doesnt combo from the cr.MP and they get hit by the st.RH, even if the Hado isn’t a counter hit. Very character / distance dependent

I dont think I have ever seen a hado not combo from a unless its in a blockstring. I cant remember who it was but someone ( I think it was Gamogo) did a short writeup on who can still get hit by a hado > FADC > st.rh. The only one I know off the top of my head is Blanka.

how ironic.>>> hado works as a 4 hit combo

If u have bar. xx hado FADC cr.hp BnB

You need to be very close for that one Roy.

c.lp s.hp xx fp shoryu is pretty nice.