Combos and Blocking


Hello to those at Shoryuken,

I wished to ask questions based around my two weakest aspects in fighting games. Namely landing combos effectively, and blocking. Allow me to explain in some way. I have been playing fighting games over the last 15 years, and have in the last few years been really active in trying to better myself at them. Ones I currently play would be UMvC3, SFxT and I very recently downloaded SF3: Third Strike. I also spent a long time playing BlazBlue CT and CS.

In terms of my combos, it’s more a case of me not being quick enough, or in some cases just capable, of doing particular combos or timing my attacks. One example I can give; I can land a crouching kick into a Hadoken, but am incapable of doing a crouching kick to a Shoryuken in a more constant manner. I am able to land some combos in UMvC3, but not ones that involve a lot of moves in a chain that require very quick reactions to them. I wished to ask how people have learned to improve on these, or is it simply a case of “Practice, practice, practice, and practice until you get it right”?

The other main weakness I possess is that I can’t seem to protect myself in fighting games no matter what I try. I block normally, my opponent will swipe my feet. I block low, and I get myself smacked by an overhead. Defense has been one of my biggest downfalls both off and online, and I always find myself getting frustrated when I fail at being able to defend myself from attacks that I should have blocked. How is it someone like myself can better myself at the art of blocking attacks, rather than always being subject to destruction by both human and computer opponents.

I would love to be a proper member of the FGC, one who can give people a good/fun match, and not someone who just turns into a punching bag that’ll get kicked from lobbies after a single defeat. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


The fastest way to get a foundation on which to build upon is to play with the intention of learning something new each time…

The progression I took was that I learned:
1 All characters moves and mechanics of the game.
2. your preferred character’s tricks and what they should be doing
3. advanced game mechanics (option selects, links)

While learning all characters moves, you’ll learn how to block too. Because you’ll notice what people want to do at what ranges (for example throwing out hadoukens at max range, ex hadoukens at mid range). Blocking is hard when you don’t know what coming, so tis easy when you do know whats coming.

So basically it will all come with time, use training mode to learn things faster instead of waiting for it to happen in a match.


As far as the execution, I highly recommend watching the Vesper Arcade tutorial on SSF4. Everything that they go over as far as execution and even more advanced stuff with option selects can be applied to SFxT.

With blocking, the usual mixup either from a jump in is block high and then go immediately low, leaving it up to your opponent to mix things up and keep you on your toes. There isn’t much you can do about that if they do a really good job at mixing things up. Then again, you could pick up on patterns so the next time around you actually can defend yourself. Like Douk said, you do have to get familiar with characters’ moves and their properties (i.e. which moves are overhead, which hit multiple times).

Like any skill, it comes with time and observation, and also asking questions! So if it continues to be an issue, don’t be afraid to reach out for extra help. Be sure to post your gamertag in the appropriate sub-forum so someone who specializes in your character can help.