Combos and strategies



I noticed how as of now the forum for akuma has no combos and strats, so I thought I would start things off with this thread.


c.short xx short demon flip throw

c.short c.jab c.short xx forward demon flip throw

c.short kara throw

j.fierce s.fierce short hurricane jab reset xx dash c.short whiff xx raging demon

j.fierce s.fierce short hurricane s.fierce xx short demon flip knee-deep kick c. forward short hurricane …

opponent get-up short hurricane [over them] xx raging demon

knee-deep air fireball xx raging demon

air hurricane kick xx gateway to hell [on ground or anti air]

short hurricane s.jab xx gateway to hell

—xx denotes buffers—


one thing if you want to play akuma. better learn how to alternate and mix up, because if you have a pattern, your opponent will pick it up and then psychic parry and you will be very vulnerable [akuma’s extra damage property]

another thing is that you need to know which characters get hit by short hurricane when they are crouching, because if you do c.forward short hurricane and they were crouching, you might not hit them with the hurricane depending on the character, in which case, you will be subject to the note above.


Im not sure if the s.hp will connect after short hurricane on shorter characters will it? I try using a jab reset into demon flip grab.


no, the short hurricane is a 1 hit juggle setup. once you land, they will be falling down, that’s when you s. [standing] fierce and then cancel with demon flip.

there’s not much of a point to use jab reset to demon flip, because fierce serves the same purpose, and adds more stun. 2 iterations of that pattern will put stun meter to a 90%-95% range.

a minor correction though – in that same combo, i said short demon flip – i meant to say forward demon flip. a short demon flip, if not in corner, will not put you close enough to the opponent for throw… :smiley:


In the corner Dive kick, crouching mk, short hurricane kick, fierce dragon punch one hit cancel into SA1, fierce dragon punch (one hit) cancel into SA1, Dragon Punch.

Jump in air fireball, standing far hk cancel into raging demon.


Learn the cr short - kara demon you can’t go wrong with that :smiley: :evil: !!!


I know it has been discussed previously but…

How do u exactly do that? Do u buffer the jabs in the short kick, or do u just do the whole RD motion in the towards+mp overhead?


You hold down any button I hold hp then do your cr lk - then jab jab as soon as you done the cr lk then release the button after the 2 jabs (holding the button down stops it bringing out the second jab after the cr lk then after releasing the button you do f+mp , lk,hp.
So to sum it I do hold down Hp , cr lk, lp ,lp,(release hp),f+mp,lk,hp . this makes the move come out totally clean with no signs of any jabbing whatsoever.


I would just like to say thanx for the combo as i have been beating the arses off my local players.


that combo does like 20%. :lame: erases “LAME” and puts up “NEWB”


I may be classed as a “NEWB” (exodus = Dickhead) but i hardly play street fighter, Virtua fighter on the other hand.


what? dickheads encourage people to try harder. :slight_smile:


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This is the strategy section of Akuma…so why not discuss, lets say…Akuma strategies/combos/etc. instead of insulting people’s abilities?

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yeah I was just curious if anyone had some ideas of how to do a high pressure run down game effectivly I feel that I have a good idea but I was wonder how yours is and how effective it works and if you had any hints or sugestions at all?


what are the set ups for akuma’s kara throws?


crouching medium punch walking forward kick crouch short short short dash throw walking jab short


does any have a great akuma offence they’d like to share well were is what tends to work for me after a lk hurricane kick do st hp then dash mk air throw or kick or dash trying crouching short kicks to go into a sa 1

for air to ground an air fireball to crouching mk from here you can do many things air grap or kick lk hurricane from that a dragon punch a st hp

that’s kind of an idea of what mine is what about anyone else out there willing to share or does no one else have a better offensive game?