Combo's and strat's

COMBOS and STRATS which grooves are the best with rock

Try checking the other Rock threads first.

For me the best groove for rock is A-Groove becuz his custom combo does crazy dmg like a lvl 3 super

which is hold down hp(X6) qcb hp (one hit) down hp(X6) repeat then shining knuckle special.

A-groove is my best groove also, Rock is one of the coolest charceters in the entire game, and with the A-groove he is almost
as strong as his father Gesse. :evil:

Best grooves is C-Groove for the interuppted Supers, S-Groove for infinite supers when he has red life


Jumping deep Hk, crouching LP, LK, MK, HK

A standing close Double Gust Punch

crouching MK, Cyclone Sock with LP/MP

Jumping deep HK, crouching MK, Hard Edge with HP

Jumping deep MK, crouching HK, Lvl 2 Raising Storm, Lvl 1 Raising Storm

Double Gust Punch, Lvl 2 Shining Knucles, Lvl 1 Shining Knuckles

Jumping deep Hp, standing close MP, Deadly Rave Neo, stop on HK, Double Gust Punch

Jumping deep Hp, standing close MP, Deadly Rave Neo, stop on HP, Hard Edge with HP

Jumping deep HP, Standing close MP, Deadly Rave Neo, Stop on HK, Rising Tackle with HP

Rock is good if u have played with Terry before and if u suck with Geese cause Geese is good but for expert players since Rock is like a toned down version. His Counters, Rising Tackle, various projectiles give em some defense but his speed and rush in play give him more of the up in the offense play.