Combos on Alex

Every Urien player knows that Alex is quite hard to juggle.
Since it’s also a not so easy matchup, I’m looking to get the most damage when I get an opening.
After a bit of testing, I found that the most damage I could do in corner was:
cHP, LK tackle xx HP Aegis, HK Tackle, EX tackle.
You have to time the EX tackle well, or it will do only one hit.
It wastes lots of meter, I know, but it’s the most damaging option unless you want to go for the unblockable, then I just go for cHO, EX headbutt, MK tackle xx LP Aegis -> UB
I know you can do LK tackle, LP sphere, LK tackle, but the timing is so strict I find it unreliable.
Oh, and if you have meter but not enough for aegis, cHP, EX tackle, EX tackle seems decent - but I didn’t check the damage -_-;;

Now I’ll experiment with non-corner cHP juggles and post anti-air sphere juggles

heres a good one if you wanna save bar, now like most juggles in the corner this one is 5847095 times easier if you can catch alex with a sphere, but can still be done from a ground or anti air cr.fierce. Do rh tackle, mk tackle, then strong headbutt. It does great damage.

whiffing aegis to continue tackles in the corner is a good idea but only really if you are playing a version where unblockables don’t work.

As for mid screens, I think most of the things that work on other characters also work on alex. But just to contribute, heres one, st.strong, EX headbutt, mid sphere, short tackle–> fierce aegis, rh tackle, then partitioned headbutt, or kneedrop ready for unblockable. You can use cr.fierce launcher to start this combo instead of st.strong/EX headbutt, but the second tackle dont connect like that.

I hate Alex.

Can’t even hit him with a simple crush after an anti-air sphere. Wtf is that?

not always, it depends on the positioning.
Usually I can get the tackle only if the sphere hits at the peak of alex’s jump

True. Best combo to use on her is c.FP, c.FP, finish with EX headbutt, headbutt, or tackle. Plus, in the corner, at least tackle fireball tackle is a hell of a lot easier on her than Alex.

Jive Out!

On Alex in corner i would go for something like launcher, ex tackle, rh tackle xx lp aegis and setup for unblockable if i had the meter to do so. The launcher lk tackle, lp sphere , lk tackle xx lp aegis is kinda tricky on alex. If i only had say one aegis meter i would just go for launcher, mk tackle, f+mp, mp aegis where the aegis just misses them, then either throw where they roll and get up into the aegis, hit em low or do the overhead. All that will eventually knock them back into the aegis. From there just go for mixups.

Against elena, elbow, elbow, ex headbutt, dash, jab aegis, headbutt over(don’t know which one, not jab). Then f+mk for the unblockable. It works whether she rolls or not. But you still have to land that first elbow.