Combos on online

hey everyone, I am new at this game, so I need to ask u guys a few question. I can do a lot of combos in training room, or I can do it when I play offline. However, I can’t do any of them when I play online, I feel the time gap is very different compare to offline. So what do I need to practice, so I can do combos online because I see a lot of ppl who play on PSN make a lot of good combos. thank you.

Online sucks, that’s why.

What game are you talking about?

I was talking about SSFIV AE, I am getting stucked with combos online. I pretty good with combos when I play offline or in training room. But when I get into online,I feel the timing is very different.

Well…yeah. Offline =/= Online. That’s kind of obvious as far a

then how do u guys do it when u guys play online, teach me then. plz

Practice with your friends. Get a friend and let him/her be your partner and train. Sometimes a combo will be interrupted by a lag spike and you have to adapt to it by either picking up the combo again or block before you get punished. There’s no online training session. That will be sick if they add them to online game play.

will u be my partner and help me train. :slight_smile:

I don’t play that many games online (just MvC2 and FPS). MvC3 has terrible netcode (don’t bother with that much) and SSFIV AE is a bit lag input delayed. Not interested in that.

:frowning: , alrighty, tks for your advising.

If you want a game where timings are the same offline as online, you need to play a game with rollback netcode, so: HDR and MvC2. Some upcoming games will have GGPO, which is the primary example of rollback netcode: SF3: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Skullgirls. SF4 and MvC3 (as well as almost every other fighting game) have input lag netcode, which is why all the timings are off.

I only love SSFIV, because its graphic is awesome. but I don’t have any friends around who play SSFIV, I guess will continue playing with SSFIV online then. :slight_smile: . Thanks a lot.

Dude… an online ‘Saikyo Dojo’ or something would be so, so incredibly sweet.
If I were Capcom, I’d give you $5,000 right NAO!

P-linking your links helps the consistency. I find it more effective in my case.

I can’t stand the online,but it’s the only way for me to play people. Everything you learn about the game just gets thrown out the window online.

What combos are you doing that are hard to do online?