Combos that don't get enough spotlight


Here’s something that I started using more recently.

-strong, fierce xx jab SRK xx Shippu

It does a few pixels less compared to strong, fierce xx fireball xx super on standing characters, does MORE on crouching ones, and gives you back DOUBLE the amount of meter. Oh, did I mention it sets up some super deep, super easy crossups? Yes, this is my underrated combo of the day.

Post up!

Actually, from my quick test that I did, the damage from strong-fierce chain in to fireball xx super did more damage than the combo you spoke of with both combos used against a standing Ken, and it did the same damage against a crouching Ken. I could be completely wrong, but those are my initial results.

Basketball -> Hadou Burst.

strong fierce fierce dp super same damage as strong fierce super iirc its character dependent but it builds more bar

On standing Ryu:
s.Strong xx s.Fierce xx Fireball xx SA3 = 53 damage
s.Strong xx s.Fierce xx jab Shoryu xx SA3 = 50 damage

On Crouching Ryu:
s.Strong xx s.Fierce xx Fireball xx SA3 = 61 damage
s.Strong xx s.Fierce xx jab Shoryu xx SA3 = 61 damage

Of course without fireball it’s one point extra.

Yep that’s similar to what I got when I tested vs Ken. I had tested vs Alex first, and he IIRC takes more damage from the jab SRK version when crouching.

I thought jab srk popped them up and strong srk did the most with that combo… (Never tested it, just heard it and assumed it was correct)

It does pop them up, but you still get 2 hits out of it. The strong/fierce SRK only connects on certain characters when they’re standing/crouching. I have no clue who it works on, so I just do jab SRK cause it works on every1.

Also, strong fierce jab srk, jab srk xx shippu works in the corner vs shotos and shit, but you gotta do the 2nd jab srk really deep so the shippu hits them twice. Just figured that out yesterday when messing around.

ryu-Sitting fierce, Fierce shoryuken xx shinshoryuken

I hate combos like this. See way too many random people mashing on the joystick while hammering on fierce, then patting themselves on the back when they randomly manage to pull off this combo. My favorite are Ken scrubs using SAI, who refuse to believe that cancelling the second hit of a fierce uppercut into super does less damage than just doing the super would have.

If you’re going to insist on using something like this, at least do xx fierce uppercut xx SAII, which does a little more damage and comes out faster. Better yet, use a hit confirm.

Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t jab shoryu reduce the damage of the super less than fierce srk? And wouldn’t just c.fp into shinsho reduce the damage even less? Can’t really test atm.

EDIT - Nope, I’m wrong!

As for the op, not only does the combo look silly, but the buffer is probably a lot more difficult for people to do than just fireball > sa3. I know this one dude who does > jab srk > sa3 all the time. Drives me nuts.

Not for me…I find the jab srk > sa3 is actually easier than the fireball.

s.MK, hcb+HP. Ibuki. Real Ibuki combo vids only have that combo.

Yeah, I meant in general, people will find the fireball buffer easier. I used to be able to do the srk buffer easier, now I just do mp, fp, sa3 though.

with gouki:

vs most characters in corner/ midscreen necro only
cr lk, cr lp, mk, tatsu, juggle again for two more hits with rh tastsu

ken close s.jab, far s.jab, super

yang’s mantis slashes those bitches are hard to do

A nice, quick, combo with Yang that usually gets overlooked by his Mantis Slashes is mp, hp, back + hp. Though it doesn’t do great damage, it does score a knockdown.

Yun: c.rh s.rh
air combo: lp, fp in air (i think can’t recall without playing, pretty sure thats the one)
Yang:, j.d+mk
chain combo: lk, mk, rh

ken cr.short, st.jab hit confirm into jab dp
yun cr.strong x 2 st.short, jab lunge
yun strong,fierce,fierce chain into cr.strong on hugo in the corner for the reset