Combos & Tips video

keep up with the good work …bro :tup:

Very nice tutorial

Your video made front page just now. Good shit.

Good job man, nice video. I have some comments though:

3:15 - ‘Ultra Throw, Clap, Backbreaker does not work on Dudley/Twins/Oro’

That combo works on all those characters, here are the easiest versions:

vs Dudley

  • lk.Ultra Throw, lp.Clap, lk.Backbreaker
  • fk.Ultra Throw, mp.Clap, fk.Backbreaker

vs Oro

  • lk.Ultra Throw, lp.Clap (hit early), lk.Backbreaker
  • fk.Ultra Throw, mp.Clap (hit early), fk.Backbreaker

vs Twins

  • lk.Ultra Throw, lp.Clap (hit early), lk.Backbreaker
  • I don’t think I ever got a Backbreaker to combo after mp.Clap, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still possible.

Also, you missed out Ultra Throw, fp.Clap, f.fp… you did a version with EX Clap but that scales damage a lot and does less damage than if you don’t use the meter. The fp.Clap should hit when they almost touch the floor, then link to instant f.fp. It’s tight timing but awesome, and also about 50% stun on pretty much everybody.