Combo's to get in to low block?



what are the options on low blockers aside from throw and hazanshu?


Instant head stomp
Jump back HK
Frame traps often


Whats you’re frame trap strategy with chun, Necrotrophic? She doesn’t have obvious stuff to use like say, rose doing using and if it hits goind another and then spiral arrow. Would you use maybe far mp into fireball?



legs <- depending on the character you can do this and it whiffs unless they press something that means easy confirm into ex legs or super,



jab jab medium punch is a common one I use
double dip mp (you can U1 on counter hit) is another common one.


Oh, double mp is something I use quite frequently. Why did I never think of using that as the perfect moment for an Ultra buffer? You’re a peach, neqs.


SRK needs a “save post” function so it’s easier to remember tidbits like that