Combos Vs Heavy Hits

I not very knowledgeable on sf like frames and stuff … iv been playing since nov and im still learning this addictive game … but I wanna know if combos are really worth mastering with blanka …I noticed I do just as much damage with heavy hits as I can with combos…

Blanka’s not really combo heavy, but you need to learn his links because they give you time to charge, for example when you successfully crossup, or you just walked forward. And I don’t believe a heavy attack does as much damage as a combo. I’m sure most heavy attacks do about 100 damage, while a basic short jab ball combo would probably do about 150 (just guessing here).

Also links are great for hit confirms = safe damage = win.

It’s not just damage. Blanka needs knock downs and their resultant mix ups.

If I know that I’m risking just a down fierce or stand roundhouse and I’m playing a character like Ryu, Ken, Fei Long, or Akuma, I’m not scared of you at ALL. eventually something I do is gonna hit you, and because all you did is hit me with pokes, my ridiculous combo is going to put me ahead. The risks of just jumping at you doesn’t outweigh the possible rewards.

You can get some wins playing a poking, defensive Blanka at low or mid level, but once you run into someone who understands what you’re doing, game over.

Plus, hitting someone with a weird ambiguous crossup into jab xx electricity feels SO good. I recommend it.

Blanka needs combos to be played at a high level just like any other character. You don’t do enough damage otherwise and have to massively outplay your opponent to win.

Hell I think short, short, short U1 is essential going forward and I can’t do it consistently at all so I’m working on it still.

I’m a noob too, so I know how you feel.

Blanka can win without combos, heck I’ve been doing it online in my local community for ages! But against good players, you need to hit some combos in order to stand a chance.

Problem is, most Blanka combos require extreme timing. This was my first fighting game, and after around a year or practice can hit the cr. ml link into st. lp cancel into ball pretty consistently now (although it’s not recommended, too punishable).

Keep practicing the combo. In the meantime, try mashing the lp for am electricity combo. They’re relatively easier than his other combos. Start off with something like a jumping hk into cr. lp mash into lp elec. I use it whenever my pianoing skills fail me, which is often.

Hit confirm with the super, link the U1 and doing Bnbs is essential.

Also, electric thunder is the weapon for pressure, so you need to mastering the piano input and it’s really hard.

It’s essential to progress, with the electric pressure, you have more safe options, you can do more mix ups, it’s a very important tool, much than rollings.

Without that, you will quickly limited.

For a beginner, combos with Blanka are very hard because Blanka’s links are very tough (just frame like crouch lk crouch lk or 2 frames like crouch mk stand lp and a few 3 frames like close mp far lp).

My advice : begins with easy combos like jump hk, close mp, far hk.

Thats good advice. The, link used to be my bnb until I got better.

It’s important to hit confirm that combo though because it is punishable on block.

For the most part it’s just easier to do things correctly rather than bsing them.