isnt that a corner combo? a ridiculous one that does hardly any damage and wastes your bars?

Hey thanks for the props Sdouble :blush:

Very true what he said about random divekicks - I’m more worried about it getting parried that anti-air’ed because you really see how much time Akuma takes to recover from that move when its parried.

Try to use it the same way the twins use the divekick, just do it off a forward jump - therefore more risky. Try and read when the opp will do a ground move or something or even when you find an instant where you’re sure they aren’t looking out for the divekick, just do it as fast as you can. Mess around with the move and see how early and how late in the jump you can pull it off. Normal jumps and super jumps.
And YOU HAVE TO WATCH CO-OP CUP 4 - the Akuma games in there are just sick. Even now I just finished watching it, though the main reason was to get some inspiration - I’m on way to the ranking battles now :scared: I just hope I qualify to the knockout stages…

Where can one get this vid??? I’ve been searching for it for about 3 months! And all the links are expired:annoy: Can u send it to please? I would be just HAPPY!:rolleyes:

Where can I get vids of your matches Naz?

Hi guys. Just wanted to say that today was a good day for me :bgrin: I came 3rd in the ranking battles, won the team tournament for my team by taking out their top players (though one of them knocked me out of the RB later on), but best of all - you will see TONS of demons :devil:
The vids will be up soon, and I’ll forward the link to you when I can. As for my previous matches, they arent being hosted anymore, and I’m not sure how I can send large files to you. I will find a way, using ysl or something, but in the meantime, I would suggest just watching the matches from today cos that was probably my best performance.
Co-op 4 - hmm, this is over a gig in size, so emailing would be out of the question. What I would recommend is that you start a thread in the Street Fighter Anniversary for XBL section asking if anyone has the torrent or link to it for the vids. If someone does, then they’ll get back to you. If no one can help there, then I will have to think of something…
It may be awhile, but I’ll try to get the co-op 4 vids to you somehow because I would very STRONLY recommend them to anyone who wants to learn some serious 3s.
Just remember guys, if you do watch my vids, use them for learning basics of Akuma playing - nothing advanced because at the end of the day - I’m still a scrub :bgrin:

Yaa I was just in the Event Results thread and saw ur name … good stuff :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your videos

i see. But maybe there is a possibility of cuting tha sick-Akuma player matches out and making a clip? How many time does he have in that video? I know it’s not that easy, but…:rolleyes:

Just_D_it - brilliant suggestion, and I can actually do it very easily :tup:

Let me know what you guys think. Should I just rip the matches into individual clips and find ways to post them, or get all of the akuma matches and string them together into one large file? I say all matches and not just the ‘sick’ ones because you should even see what Japanese players do to COUNTER akuma…

Damn, why didn’t I think of that :bgrin:

HELL YA DO THAT!! :wgrin:

How about bittorrent

I’ll produce the clips within the next few days, but I can’t guarantee when I can post them, but rest assured - I WILL post them. I am unfortunately a working man with family commitments and all that balava… there are so many other games I wanted to get into :sad:

I’ll probably need help from my ‘even techier than myself’ rival the Golden Gunman for help on ysi or torrents. But I’ll get it done. In the meantime, I’ll let you know when the ranking battle matches are up. Make sure you download ALL OF THEM and check out the level of play in UK.

ya hopefully i can make the next RB just been so busy with university work i ve had no time intill friday semester one is finished!! get week off for som 3S.

hey Naz u got blueyonder 10mb connection right!?..we need to have som match’s i finally got upgraded to 10mb last week (been waiting before xmas) :tup:

“Even techier than myself??!?” WTF?! I’m the coolest mofo in the London 3S scene by far :rock:. I even lose in STYLE. Go back to your dry Java programming job Naz!

Anyway, by default on your PC you will have a program called Microsoft Movie Maker, you can use that to easily rip single matches from KSK ranbats / Co-Op Cups. When you have done that, upload the matches to Filefront:

If anyone wants to log in to upload Akuma matches, here are the details:
username: Akuma3S
password: ragingdemon

I have done this for Dudley for quite a while and now there are over 50 matches up on the Dudley one. The good thing about FileFront is that anyone can upload to it and the files stay there forever.

NINJA EDIT: I put some of the matches from Co-Op 4 up for you already. Now I can see where Naz X-Copies his tactics from :tup:

Nice one Gunman - once again exceeding my expectations by far!!!

What I was planning to do is first find out who the actual Akuma players are, then post each of their matches individually with some personal comments from me about the match. I’ll need to check which matches you’ve already uploaded so that I dont duplicate things.

Oh and I’m pretty competent with Movie Maker, so I’m not bothered about producing the clips.

Any idea when the RB vids are coming up Gunman?

Yeah sorry, I don’t know who the Akuma players actually are, I think the orange skinned Akuma (the one where you press three buttons) is Match, but I can’t remember. But you can re-name and comment files on FF anytime.

Hatim is putting the vids up, so I have no idea about the RB vids, sorry Naz.

You’re tlking about the Co-op Cup 4 right? Some guy posted a list of all the players in the teams around the forums somewhere. It might still be around if you search for it. But a lot of Co-op Cup 4 threads got deleted for posting links to the dvd rip so it might have been in one of them.

The best two Goukis playing Coop 4 are Match and Jiro …
They BEAST …

Yeah I know that thread, but I don’t really know the Akuma players too well, e.g. I can’t tell them apart from playstyle and the colours look too similar to me. As most people know, I am a Dudley guy, so I can tell you everything about him (eg dont play him like I do :rolleyes:). And can tell Dudley players apart based on their style if their names arent printed up on videos.

All I know about Akuma players is that Match and Dot are sick based on some old files I have. I hear Carmen is good by reputation, his sick Akuma busted many UK heads at Absoultion a while back. Anyway, here’s a link to that thread with the names:

EDIT: Wow in Co-Op none of those Akuma players was Match OR Dot lol. Too many sick Akuma for Naz to study = bad news for Gunman and Bass Ventura.

Bit of good news guys…
I haven’t done the co-op matches yet, and like I said, it might be awhile. But the ranking battle videos are up!
The quality isn’t top notch, but watchable. Sorry for that.
I would recommend you watch all of them to get a feel of what 3s is like in UK. Remember though, that the three (arguably) best players weren’t there - Sean, Ryan Hart and Dukus, but Yusuke was there (who won the final), and he is in my opinion a treasure for the UK.
For the impatient, DIE HARD Akuma students, my vids are 6,7,10,11,18,19,22,23. I know you’ll hate me for the game I lost against Raju, but please bear in mind - he is the best Urien player in UK, and when you play someone of that level, a single mistake (over enthusiastic, not to mention overly obvious Raging Demon) isn’t the only thing that can cost you the match. But I’m learning from my mistakes so wish me luck.

The purple Akuma in co-op 4 had a very ‘experienced and mature’ style of play and that made me think veteran - therefore Match because I know he uses purple and that Dot uses black. But if its not Match, then I have another teacher :lol:

Based on what Firewaster said - ~I’m assuming the grey Akuma is Jiro? Well whoever it is, the grey Akuma is a rushdown beast and his were the matches that impressed me the most. I was trying to be like him in the ranking battle :rock:

I loved those videos, HarmoNaz. I sent the Akuma videos with Akuma to my friend who’s been learning Akuma lately too.
Videos with Akuma: 6, 7, 10, 11, 18, 19, 22, and 23.
They were all entertaining to watch and the ending prizes were funny.