I know it’s early to ask, but so far from what we’ve seen the game is looking pretty stale in terms of combos. Even watching combofiend play, just seems like the combos are very very basic. Is there going to be some kind of mechanic which allows longer more flashy combos? Like 3s had a juggle system which was great. So far the v-skills for a lot of characters just do extra hits and more damage…doesn’t seem very unique to me

I think there is a lot of hype around the game at the moment but yet to see anything that’s blown us away

side note: the other day on stream combofiend said you can only pick alt colors if it’s a mirror match…this sort of sucks balls I was hoping they’d add 20 colors for the original costumes! thanks guys :slight_smile:


What is blowing people away is the fact that the game is returning to clean, honest play.

Every single character has plenty of combos so far - whether people use them or not is a matter of practice.

Ryu can do almost all of his SF4 links and more.
Cammy has most of her SF4 links.
Nash is linking target combos, AND comboing into and out of his V-Trigger
Chun is basically 3rd Strike PLUS she has air Lightning Legs and can combo into V-Skill. Plus she gets combo boosts in V-Trigger.
Birdie has few combos, sure.
Bison has a couple of links, but is otherwise not meant to be a combo monster.

The V-Skills so far are unique. The V-Triggers are what you’re confusing for extra damage and hits. Bison and Nash want words with you about that.

You’ve been brainwashed by SF4.

Combo’s comments about the alt colors were probably just about the dev build - it would be borderline insane to not allow alternate colour selection in the production build.


i hope what you said about alt colors was just for the beta cuz that is just…yep the hype train’s gone now. Don’t care much for combos in a sf game but hey everybody thinks differently. Still gonna play the hell out of it despite that but still, capcom leave that color decision in just sf2, do not…oh my god that is the one thing from sf2 you should just never bring back keep that in the 90s please


Flashy combos will be discovered, and it’s quite possible there will be a mechanic dedicated to it. The game is still in development after all.


I don’t actually play sf4 pretty much dropped it once super released. I know that game has FADC which allows you to carry on combos but I think the whole FA thing was complete trash tbh, in 3s there was non of that but the game had great combo system thanks to juggles. I do like that the game seems to have returned to hit confirming into supers which is really cool.

I guess it is too early to judge though! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m sure there will be, it is still to early to make assumptions on my part.


There’s been a handful of cases of people activating V-Trigger mid combo and continuing. I think I saw Chun do something like B+HP xx V-Trigger -> xx Lightning Legs xx Super. Given that she can do shit like link s.hp into s.hp with her V-Trigger activated, I’m quite certain there’s good stuff to be found.

Besides, we only have six characters so far.


Combos are not the end all, be all of Street Fighter.

Even 3rd Strike was heavily skewed towards simply hit confirms into meter among the top tiers.

In any case, we probably will find some flashy combos, but they’ll most likely be impractical ones you do just for combo videos.


Generally speaking, I am a fan of hit-confirms over anything else. However, I understand the appeal of doing combos. 3S did have quite a lot of interesting and often times difficult combos, which, while often times not worth the meter, did serve some purpose if you just needed that little bit of extra damage. As for situational combos, I do hope some character specific ones come about, but, that’s knowledge we won’t get until we get our hands on the game.

Personally, it’s looking to me like counter-hit combos are going to be more of what will result in the interesting combos you are referring to. I’ve yet to really see any player capitalize on them much, but I suspect they will be a big component to the game. It’s unclear to me exactly how the juggle-states work in the game just from watching it, but, there’s definitely something there.

Also, certain characters are often more prone to long combos than others. 3S examples being: Urien, Necro, Dudley, Oro, Yun – Gouki and Ryu both had very practical longerish combos if they wanted to spend the meter as well. Of course, every character (mostly) was capable of some sort of longer combo.

Anywho, we’re only sitting at 6 characters in SFV, so I’m sure a more combo oriented character will come about.


I hope not.
The combo system in the SFIV titles was very disastrous.Light punches and light kicks should be easily guarded after the first time you’re hit with them off guard.

If they do think about implying a combo system;it better be robust and well balanced to all characters.


Long ass combos such as those that Evil Ryu, Akuma and Yun do in Ultra just showcase the main problems with the IV series. The fact that these characters are dominant show the game’s issues with low damage, as does the fact that these combos are necessary at all for any form of big damage to be done.


I don’t mind if some characters have kinda long combos (5-6 normals + 3-4 specials) when fully charged (Bison damages are a bit extreme though, he can do like a confirmable 80% combo). But the default seems like 2-3 normals + special + cancel super which suits me really fine (Which already does like 60%).

Oh and after like 3 hours of play I could get relatively consistent at doing cr.MP,cr.MP,cr.MK with Cammy. So I’m fairly certain the execution barrier at the entry level will be really low. What will make the difference are hits confirms.


Asides from e. ryu the other guys you mentioned are average.

They’re top tier not because of the damage they do, but how the ways they land it.


It doesn’t look like SFIV style of combos but according to streams there’s still good combo options for the character, excluding the ones like Birdie of course.


There’s still the fact that they do that much damage in a game where other characters don’t. In fact, alot of the discussion we had with alot of other USFIV players/commentators was basically about how certain matchups are skewed because one character needs to do 5 combos to win, versus 2 for their opponent.


Akuma is top 10 in many of those lists, especially the categories that involve practical meter usage (2 super bars or less).

Yun doesn’t need a lot of different combos, he just needs the one or two into LP shoulder Red Focus.

Those tier lists are largely irrelevant because by admission they only care about numbers not application.


combos combos combos,how bout “Hope I can up my neutral game!” instead of worrying about long combos.



nah i kid, but seriously, its not like everyone in USF4 has huge ass combos


And even some that do still do fuck all damage with them coughYangcough


The game seems more in line with older SF games when it comes to combos. You have basic stuff for your bnbs, but if you want to swag out and really get your damage to add up there are more situational just frame links or juggles for that as well. SFIV combos were mostly grounded link stuff so after you’ve seen one character link some shit on the ground, you already get the jist of how most of the cast lands combos.

The main thing I like about SFV is the emphasis on juggles again. Everyone seems set up to do juggle combos now and I like the creativity you get in setting up juggle combos over SFIV where everyone just seems to have really extended link bnbs with arbitrary execution requirements.