for al you MM users, what combos do yall have going on, cause the best i got is an 7 hit combo.

I just started to use megaman and I dont know if these combos are posted anywhere but I know like 2 incomplete combos.

1 is : in corner leafsheild j,lk j,lk s,lp s,lp s,Hk sj lp lk lp fire leaf sheild while falling press hk land c,lk s,Hk then I cant jump after that for sum reason.

another one I havent finish experimenting yet.

charge buster for about 10 hits then leaf sheild on

the jump in combo s,lp,lp fire leafsheild then fire buster (or the other way around) then drill special, when ur opponent hits the floor, c,lk s hk sj, lp , lk,lp hp… and then I think u can send him back again but I havent tried.

becuz one combo is s,hk sj lp,lk,lp hp land send up back up and… so I dont know

Well, the bread and butter combo for mm is launch lp, lk XX hyper megaman (as said in too many other posts :))

B&B combo should be launch, 1234 fierce. Using meter isn’t worth the miniscule damage increase and loss of position.

You can also launch, slowly do jab short strong, then fierce throw, and jab them quickly as they fall. This lets you choose sides and go for a reset.

Like Dasrik said, just do the series into fierce as a BnB, but if you got a good DHC you can do you can just launch, sj.lp, XX Hyper Mega Man XX whatever. Doing this without the DHC only results in a mere 10 points more of damage and makes you lose your opponent, so thats not worth it

I like, jump in fierce, dash in short short launch, sj jab, short, jab, fierce throw, jab after the throw, land, then jump up and air throw them again. You can combo certain assists with the second throw by calling it out when you land from the first throw. Especially fun in the corner. ie. Juggernaut punch assist, dash launch blah blah blah.

Not bad!

Reason why you cannot connect on the second launch is you are not dashing in after you land> I’m sure you dash in before the or i think after it but before the hk. Try it, I am not sure but I think that is yor problem.

my favorite combo… the opponent gets frustrated during rockball trap and eats drones, two fp’s, and the rockball.