Ok, I play wigi, kirby, and falco.
What’re some actual combos for them?

in b4 ‘what’s a combo?’

There are combos in Brawl? News to me.

F throw U tilt u tile b air u air
i think that works
i might have the setup wrong

Woah. You actually picked characters with combos. Alpha Zealot already covered most of them. But with Luigi you never want to forget about how his jab can start combos at mid %s, even into up+B for early KOs.

With Falco its still good to know some of his laserlock set ups even though they aren’t that effective. I’m only familiar with one which is his down+throw -> footstool -> fast fall sourspot dair -> repeating laser. I’m not sure how well his would work in a real match. When your opponent gets close to the edge of the stage stop shooting lasers, you might be able to finish the combo with a dash attack canceled upsmash.

ok, will these supp. combos rack up consec. hits? a bit dmb, but brwl cs sometimes arent true combos.
comin n fr. m`wii’ btw.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to type with a Wiimote?
It’s like attempting to eat soup with chopsticks…

You must know this… there is no such thing as a combo in Brawl.