What comboes can Joe do like 2 in 1s we call em here like Sagat has F punch to super does Joe have any of those…and C or P groove Joe owns all

** The Turn Waster**

I believe you can link his, qcb+hcf p super after a close s.fierce. Don’t quote me on that though, not totally sure. I use joe in my A groove team, i love this guy in A. My fav CC is:(not sure if this already in this thread)-

activate cc - c.rhx2, wkdp, chx2, wkdp, chx2, wkdp, qcfqcf p

The damage isn’t all that great, somewhere around 6400, but its easy and very reliable.

A groove Joe!!!

Here are some of A-Groove CC I use with Joe:

Anti-Air CC:

Activate, [Short Tiger Knee, cr.RH] x2, cr.RH, [Short Tiger Knee, cr.RH] x2, cr.RH, Super

Ground CC:

Activate, close st.RH x2, far st.RH, cr.RH, close st.RH, [RH Slash Kick, st.RH] x2, st.Jab, j.Jab x4, st.Fierce, Super

Corner-Only CC:

Activate, close st.RH x2, far st.RH, cr.RH, close st.RH xN, st.Jab, j.Jab x4, Super (or st.Fierce, super if you have time)

They all do nice damage, but the ground CC deals most damage, but very hard to connect. Anti-Air CC is the safest CC I’ve done.

Actually K is probably his best groove but that is another discussion.

Screw Upper 2 QCF + P - combos of standing fierce, crouching strong, crouching fierce, crouching foward

Double Upper 2 OCB + k - same as above

Rush Super QCF, HCB + P - same as above plus standing jab and standing strong

I just did a WEIRD (ok not weird but that was totally unexpected) combo with Joe in a real match.

j.Forward, cr.Jab, cr.Fierce XX Crazy Hands

Yes, all linked. “Whoa, nice damage!” :smiley: I was actually trying to do combo Crazy Hands from series of cr.Jabs, then some random timing kicks in and the game lets me slip in cr.Fierce before cancelling into Crazy Hands!!

Speaking of combos, I know it’s possible to link his rushdown super from his Fierce Crazy Hands. Does the super have to be at least level 2? Crazy Hands have to be fierce? Three hits? Is it really worth the risk/reward of trying to do that in a real match?

Only in C groove and only if the super is a level 2, to get max damage if you do do that you have to time the crazy hands just as Joe is about to jump, then hit roundhouse of the crazy hands.


Not level 2 super cancel stuff.

I mean was: something like this Crazy Hands -> Rushdown Super. Not LvL2.Super -> Crazy Hands.

I’ve seen in some combo vids that goes something like this:
(whatever), Fierce Crazy Hands, (optional st.Jab) XX Rushdown Super. So my question was: is there a trick to this, or just a sheer precise timing?