IS there a specific way to pulling off combos? Im trying to learn how to combo attack but cant seem to link (what seems to be) easy combos together.

For example…

Using Ken in Challenge Mode (Trial) Im stuck on 10. It seems easy enough but i cant seem to link the Shoryuken in with the 2 kicks previous to it. Is there a specific timing that has to be done…What am I missing??

Sorry, Super NOOB question.

Thanks in advance

Try getting closer.

You are Chaining the two Kicks instead on Linking them.
Only after Linking the two Kicks can you Cancel the second Kick into Shoryuken.

So, instead of hitting the Kicks quick, you have to do the second Kick when the first one is done recover.

Criss-cross what I typed above.
I just checked Level 10 for Ken.

Since the first Kick is a Jump-in, the second Kick can be Chained into.
And the second Kick can be Canceled into Shoryuken.

I don’t know what your situation is.
Do what silenboxer said.

Now in Level 11, you will do Linking two Punch, then Cancel to Shoryuken.


Thanks a lot dude. Now for the second part of the question and again, sorry for the noobness.

What is the diff between cancel and chained? How are they executed

Chains are cancels. Chains are when you cancel from one normal to another. In the context jdm714 used above, the cancel he is referring to is a special-cancel. You are canceling the normal move, cl.MK, in to a special move, Medium Shoryuken.

also, wtf is up with Ken’s trial 10. Why would you ever do that?

First off, I now get what a cancel means, but how do I cancel? Is it simply performing them one right after the other or do I have to specifically enter in another button for it to cancel then continue the next move?

Also, I’ve been playing SF for years now but have never attempted to be any better than performing the moves individually like a command list would prompt me. This is my first attempt at Combos and actually getting competitive. So I figured this (the trial mode) would be a good way to open that door into the basics of combos. I play games religiously so I’m sure these aren’t the best of the best tactics, I’m simply dippin my toes in to test the waters before diving in

A lot of the trials are impractical and you’ll probably never seem in an actual competitive match. Probably. I mean really, SRK FADC, SRK FADC, SRK? lol

Sometimes you just wanna set them on fire again and again

A cancel is when you interrupt the animation of a move, usually with another move. For example: Ken’s cl.HP>FierceShoryuken is a special-cancel. You are canceling the cl.HP animation in to the Shoryuken. Ken’s target combo, MP-HP, is a chain or normal-cancel. You are canceling the MP in to the HP. Ryu’s Shoryuken>FADC, MetsuHadoken is two cancels. The Shoryuken is being canceled in to the FocusAttack, then the FocusAttack is canceled in to a dash.

Canceling a move is all in the timing. Many people have trouble canceling Ken’s close fierce punch in to his Shoryuken. They do the moves one after another. First they wait to see the fierce punch connect, then they do the input for the Shoryuken, but by then it’s too late. The cancel window has already passed. In SF4 (someone correct me if I get this wrong) you can only cancel moves during they’re active frames and only after the move has made contact. So what most people do to cancel Ken’s cl.HP in to his Shoryuken is to do the HP then start the motion for the shoryuken before the HP connects, then when the HP connects they hit the button to finish the Shoryuken command.

Another example to illustrate the difference between a cancel and not-a-cancel (a link) is with most character’s crouching light attacks. In SF4, a normal can not be special-canceled if said normal was arrived to via a cancel itself. What this means (let’s use Ken’s trial 11 as an example) if Ken does cr.LK canceled to cr.LP he won’t be able to cancel the cr.LP in to the FierceShoryuken. (fuck you SF4 devs, what were you thinking?) He must instead link cr.LK in to cr.LP, so that the game will allow you to cancel his cr.LP in to the Shoryuken. A link is a combo, just like a chain, but it involves no canceling. So you have to let the cr.LK completely recover, before doing cr.LP.

You’re still being too complicated. Let me try and break it down.

A.) When you do any move, it starts up, hits, then recovers.

B.) A combo is putting two or more moves together before the opponent recovers

C.) A cancel is when you CANCEL your first move into your second move without waiting for it to recover.

B.) A link is when you WAIT for the first move to recover, then do the second move. The second move will still combo.

For example, let’s take Ryu’s crouching medium punch.

First his arm sticks out a bit(startup). Then it hits the opponent(hit). Then he brings his arm back to his body(recovery).

Now Ryu’s crouching medium punch can be CANCELLED into a hadouken. This means that while his arm is hitting, or while he’s bringing his arm back into his body, you can do the hadouken. Ryu will instantly stop his punch, and a hadouken will come out. That is a CANCEL.

Now let’s say you want to combo that crouching medium punch into a crouching roundhouse. If you press the roundhouse button while the medium punch is hitting, nothing will happen. Why is that? It’s because that combo is a LINK. So what’s a link? A link is when you let your move start, hit, recover, THEN do another move.

So we do the crouching medium punch. We wait for ryu’s fist to come out, hit the opponent, then come back into his body. THEN we hit the crouching roundhouse. That is a link.

I hope that helped!

Thanks dude! Thats exactly what I was asking for. I’m still working on the “SF lingo” so this helped me out a lot. Learning what to CANCEL and what to LINK is tougher than I expected. But Ill keep practicing

Sorry xxescothreexx. :sad:
I made my Post thinking you already knew.

But all the Posts after mine, everyone has helped you in what I would have typed.
So continue practice, and may your endeavors soar.