I was wondering what are your main combostrings to keep pressure on your opponents and fake throw setups, I’ll post someones I use and work amazingly
(* = when to just step back, pause an instant expecting a wiffed throw, parry down <-- very japanese gameplay, if your opponent just stays there then Kthrow)

– strings –, mp xx mk.flip/mk,hk.tatsu (they’ll probbably block crouching, standing mp only hits tall characters then, tatsu variation only against safe characters, dudley, urien,…)(flip-throw possibilities depending if mk/hk used), c.lp xx mk.tatsu --> SRK (some chars only) - this comboes completly, but it can be changed to the following for string combo:, c.lp, xx flip
after flip/dive, uoh, lk.flip (or after flip, just walk back * and Kthrow, it’s funny how good this works when you “train” your opponent to block),

– fake throws, * step forward cl.hp xx flip, * step forward xx mk.tatsu (bnb if connects and possible) (safe mk.tatsu opponents only)
late cancel flip/dive, (dash back <-- optional), step forward *, Kthrow
empty close jumpin, lk.flip-throw

– fake dash-demon
dash, (prevents your opponen from jumping, hits twice if standing, overhead if they’re crouching)
dash, cl.hp xx mk.tatsu (a bit unsafe against some characters)

please feel free to comment, critisize and post you own strings, and fake throws

cl. mk, cr. lk x demon flip is my shit.

Dive kick, walk back kara throw is everyone’s shit.

I kinda hate doing tatsu outside of a combo/chip kills. Good stuff overall though.

I like to (every now and then) be blatantly outside of lk tatsu distance land and far fp. catches a lot of people off guard that you wouldn’t think would fall for it

god i love that Ted Kennedy quote. haha.

sometimes i smack’em with an airborn lk tatsu, another lk tatsu and a fierce shoryu… yeah it’s not really worth it sometimes, but i just like irritating my friends. and if they’re in air too, then it’s fierce hk tatsu, cl. hp+fierce shoryu… which is even funnier to me.

that’s a joke right?

it’s not something i would ever try in a serious fight.

That thing I mentioned was not a joke, not to be done a lot at all but I have busted a bunch of folks with it. Never on chun with meter though…ever

I like that “fake demon” HK dash in. So simple and I bet it works pretty decent.

Try doing(with full meter) walk up and mp, then do HK lp,lp and forward, when you press forward it should be timed so at the same time the move either connects or misses, if it connects, then press lk and FP. It’s a pretty good setup for demon once you learn how to hit confirm it, the same thing can be done with a dive kick and back dash. The demon will get scewed up if they smell it and jump but the positive with this setup is that if they jump and you hit the demon anyway, it will still take some life from them, as opposed to just missing the demon completely.

Another cool way to execute a demon is if you’re parrying a set of moves and you know exactly when the parrys will come out.
For instance Ken’s SA3 can be punished with a demon after each parry. What you do is you hit forward and at the same time, before the parry even comes out press the lp lp and forward, parry comes out and you hit lk and Fp. It’s kind of hard the first times, especially when you play on keyboard like me but once you get the hang of it it can be done consistently.

I think that’s the way Jiro does his parry to karademons. Only he presses forward middlepunch directly after the parry instead, which actually makes it easier to TKD because you get more time. I know because I can’t TKD without the parry.

It can also be punished with a demon if you block it, but if you decide to parry Ken’s SA3 you shouldn’t go for a demon at all. After you parry his third kick you should jump straight up and land with a deep hp -> cr.hp -> lk tatsu -> lp SRK -> SA1 75 dmg (1 meter required). A demon only dishes out 71 dmg but is alot easier to do after you block Ken’s SA3. Or if you want to get fancy with it go for the reset KKZ for a total of 95 dmg **deep hp -> cr.hp -> lk tatsu -> cl.lp -> KKZ **(2 meters required)

Also I don’t think you really need to do a TKD after a parry a RD will do just fine, just be aware that any SRK can knock you right out of it. I found that crouching parry into RD is alot easier then standing parry into RD. I think the hardest demon to do is the one after a red parry. I’ve only been able to accomplish this move a couple of times and I’m still trying to master it.

You’re right, that’s the most damage taking combo for Ken’s SA3. I only used his superart as an example but naturally if a RD won’t kill him it’s better to do a move that’s more damaging. Also of course you can block and RD but parrying it and then executing demon looks more badass.:wgrin:

I think the timing for a crouching parry and standing parry into RD is the same, but if you parry like a low forward then it’s easier to do crouching parry because you can whiff the lp and still hit the demon. I feel that it’s easier to TKD after a parry than it is to just RD. I don’t know if it’s correct but it feels like you get a lot more time when you buffer the RD in a forward middlepunch.

Practically sure best punish for Ken SA3 after third parry is j.Mp, st. Hp, Lk tatsu, Lp (reset) xxx KKZ
I guess that’s cause Mp has less damage reduction…