Comcast bills lowered $2.4 million by scammers who accessed billing system


So Comcast are the scammers, and the scammers are the wrongly accused Robin Hoods…


Some dumb mother fucker snitched and now people gotta pay full price again.


lol suspicious customer. This is like those whiny girls that rat out the hot teacher having sex with their male classmates.


<Obligatory one of these guys will serve more time than some murderers, rapists, and child molesters comment>


Suspicious customer, eh… Sounds like someone couldn’t play the game and decided to take the ball and go home.


Ugh. This was a fucking good thing for everyone involved (Except Comcast, but fuck Comcast and their fucking monopoly/buyouts in some areas, thus getting to charge for whatever they fucking want).

This is why nobody likes snitches.


Fuck the suspicious customer for ruining everything for everyone.


It’s a US endorsed monopoly, as they are given the rights to build those lines using taxpayer money over private property, but then get to have ownership of those lines too.

Either the government needs to start providing these services (along with health care, education, etc.) or they need to just get completely out of in any way being involved with them at all, and force these companies to pay for things themselves.


comcast charging niggas 400 bucks for even a lifetime sub should be a criminal offence. Also had to lol at the 100 year prison sentence for scratching the balls of a revenue which is in the tens of billions per quarter. Capitalism baby fuck yea!


I’d be pretty suspicious too.

What type of information? Could they have used this for ID theft?


Snitches in ditches.


Interesting question…

more than likely account numbers and names. Well thats why this shit never works, someone always gets greedy/jelly and snitches. this is why you insulate your self from direct involvement.


LMAO who the hell snitched.