Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network - Which is best?


I love Comcast for my cable television, but it’s getting too expensive and I am seeing some better deals advertised on Direct TV for cheaper. I will be calling Comcast to tell them I’m cancelling their service for Direct TV.

How can I negotiate a better deal? I recently did this in September and got a discount of $15 dollars for cable but that really isn’t enough when I see advertisements for better services on different companies.

If Comcast calls my bluff, I’m thinking of Direct TV. Has anyone else had experience switching over to Direct TV from Comcast? Who has had service with the Dish Network? I heard that sometimes Direct TV can pause while watching something due to loading time (similar to youtube). I wonder if that is true.




Satellite is always better than cable for HD broadcasts because it has a lot more bandwidth to work with. In terms of picture quality, from what I’ve seen, DirecTV blows its competitors away, but I think Dish Network is cheaper.

In my area, though, all I can get is Time fucking Warner, though. :sad:


I know it isn’t one of your options, but if you have Verizon Fios in your area it is highly recommended. I had DirecTV for a couple of years before I switched, and it is pretty good too.


I always wanted Dish Network because of TurboHD. I don’t watch SDTV anymore.


What is TurboHD?


It’s just a package of HD-only channels.


Honestly, I think TurboHD did more harm than good for HD adoption. They advertised it as “the same as Blu-ray” because it was 1080p. Too bad its source material was not 1080p (and not all 1080p is made equal anyway) to begin with, so it was either interpolated 1080i or upscaled 720p and didn’t look that good. I’m sure people saw that shit and wrote off Blu-ray because they thought that it was only that good.


Dish is the best bang for the buck.


Fios isn’t available in NorCal (last time I checked) :bluu:

I use Dish for cable, but Comcast for internet. It evens out to be around the same as it would be for a bundle…well…for the next 12 months at least and then FUUUUUUUU!


I have AT&T U Verse. Works well and isn’t too expensive.


Fios is the best. If you live in an area with it, get it ASAP!


My area’s high-end broadband is locked down by Cocmast, last time I checked. I’ve been looking for a better deal with another provider. My Comcast bill right now is ~165/month. That’s Triple Play HD package–HD box with HBO premium channel, 16/2 internet, and unlimited local/long distance house phone. I’m hoping (if at all possible) to cut cable AND house phone with Comcast, and get cable through another provider, and get another cell phone to replace the house phone.

Considering the phone will probably be around 35 to 45 a month (depending on what my wife wants), and the internet, by itself, will be about 65 a month, I can fly with another provider if its gonna be around 60 a month. I’m down with a contract, if need be.


comcast is better. easy to sign up, set up and cancel.

though their HD is compressed and its very noticeable when watching movies.

my family currently pay almost $100 per month cause we love dat HBO, NFL network, etc. we got like 3 HD boxes in our house.


I like DirectTV. It has the better selection of sports channels to me.


True. I’m going to stick with Comcast for the internet connection. You can’t beat downloading at 2 MB/sec for $30/month. But the cable is killing me. I had an initial startup plan with HBO for free for 24 months and that ends next month. But regular cable + HD is at $70. I see Direct TV with more regular cable channels + HD for $29.99 as a promotion. I might lose HBO but maybe I can convince them to get me a free trial for that too.



I, honestly, can go without the premium channels. We more or less have it setup so we can pull a quick movie to watch whenever we’re not streaming something from the PS3/media server. I might just cut out HBO and stick with Digital Classics HD.


Does your “almost $100” include internet?

I like that idea. Now that Curb Your Enthusiasm is done for the year the The Wire has been gone, there really might be no need for me to watch random movies on HBO that I could simply get from the web using the fast download speeds.

I think I will pick up the Direct TV standard package as it has more basic channels to view than Comcast’s. I still have the rumor about the video feed stalling during playback due to “loading time”, or something of that sort, to worry about. Any validity to this?



Comcast is the best. Really easy to hook up with them and they negiotiate good deals even when your package expires.


You mean DirecTV stalling? Or cable? I have Time Warner, and my parents have DirecTV. While satellite can and does lock up when it’s really cloudy or overcast, but you can usually solve it by switching to an SD channel for a while. My cable, meanwhile, randomly locks up every night for seconds at a time on any channel, and the HD doesn’t even look much better than the SD anyway.


I have been watching DirectTV and Dish network for years and I’ve never once seen that happen.

What will happen sometimes is if it really poor weather outside you will get an interrupted signal. However, it has to be really bad. A little rainstorm or snowshower will not affect it. And sometimes nothing happens at all. I’ve seen Dish Network continue working just fine in full blown thunderstorms.

Dish Network is considered the lesser of the two satellite providers, but I still think it is a very good choice. My parents have it and have the top 50 channels, plus the basic movie package and local channels, with a very good DVR for about $50 a month.