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You know all that bullshit moves that leave certain characters minus but spaced so well that that get you raped if you trying to press a button?
Juri’s s.MK beats all of those situations.


Messing with iconic designs like Ryu and Ken is usually asking for a disaster. The classic shotos are probably never going to change considerably design-wise, and that’s probably for the best.

Ken is a little more open to changes though, because nobody really wants him to be a Ryu clone anymore.


Like for all of the people that complain about the minus 2 stuff, they must not know Juri exists.

Juri is the queen of safe minus and in some situations its essentially plus. She’s completely built around the safe minus system.


The worst is her stores. Im sure they’re negative but I’ll be damned if they ever behaved like it.


Does it only start off raw 5B?

If so, it probably won’t come up very much. But hey, that’s BB every starter has a different optimal combo.


And Ed’s fucking flicker punch…


Goddamn I get away with so much bullshit after a blocked store. All people need to do is press a long medium button like a cr.MK and she is toast.


Raw 5B, commonly used as punish Combo.

You can do 236B and then the IAD route as punish.
It is the most optimal midscreen combo you can get, since 4k without meter is pretty beafy.


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@deviljin_01 who was that umvc3 cat that would go into random subforums and find tech for their characters?

Guy who discovered viperball?


Aren’t all her stores - 2 on block?


Lambda/Nu always hit hard when the got it.

If memory serves its a 10 frame 5B? I’m surprised there are many punish situations for it, at least where you wouldn’t instead lead with a fatal counter.

I remember with Mu it was the 2B that mattered for most BnB stuff. But Mu 2B was a lot better than Lambda 2B.


Back before you could tech throws, command grabs weren’t all that unique to begin with.


The storing move is minus 2, the stores themselves are -2 / -4 / -6


It was because of range amd damage. Piledriver dealt significantly more damage than regular throws.


The storing itself is -2 and yet a lot of people will not punish a button after, a lot of times I autopilot a blocked store into cr.MK (6f) xx fireball, which basically gets me back the turn on block due to spacing, because for some reason people don’t take their turn after the blocked fuha


Pretty sure you’re talking about @Chrisis

I remember us always complaining about how Marlin Pie would just kinda beat his own drum and never use any of the tech. Then Full Schedule came out the woodwork and got a 90 button stick just to do her viper ball and FADC shit LOL.


they are but some specific blockstrings will leave the opponent at a range where his lights will whiff and the extending hurtbox will get clipped by her hitbox
e.g. IIRC Chun’s after Juri’s cr.lp, xx store string will whiff and get hit by her, she needs to press to get her turn back


Mus Buttons are overall Slower than Lambdas and Lambda has overall Safer Pressure than Nu in comparison.

Lambda in CS was also more of a Nu reskin, than Lambda herself.
She’s a different character in CP and CF. Instead of being a full on Zoner, she’s a Zoning/Pressure hybrid with high mobility and ridicoulis Corner game.

Also it’s a 8F Button, meaning with IB you can punish a lot and you can CH a lot of Moves, after they’re slightly - and try to keep their turn. It’s also only -3 what makes it a decent stagger ender. The Hitbox is quiet good. (missread the line)
2B is 9F and 0 on block, her main stagger ender. Hitbox is really good, runup 2B is a great thing to have.


Ranked today for me.

Akuma, Bison,Akuma,Bison,Akuma,Bison,Akuma,Bison,Akuma,Bison,Guile,yolo Alex then back to Akuma,Bison.