Come and play MK11 Instead SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


Yeah the drive is the only real hang up.
Driving a hour playing for a few hours and driving back seems like a drive. But I also feel like a lazy ass complaining about it.


All this grappler talk and no mention of laura, Mika or alex. I guess there all just too solid.


That’s a lot to watch, and no chance to view it all.

I did notice you give him LOTS of good chances to AA you. And I realize to some extent that’s just going to be Sagat vs Cammy. But maybe neutral jump shots more? He’s scouting to AA as part of his game plan, so force him to recognize whether you’re neutral jumping. The more he has to think, the more he’ll make errors and the slower his reactions are going to be.


Depends on your passion foe the games. I’ve driven 10 hours for a burger (5 each way). Would gladly do 20 (10 each way) for ramen too.

But I’m in Texas. Anything less than 5 hours count as a short drive. Anything between 6 and 10 is “not that far”.


Gaming cafe where Xian plays is just 10 min from my house. He conducted a Fang workshop there a couple years back which was really cool.

Nowadays he plays and streams at Razer’s office which is 30 min drive away. I think this is invite only though.

Singapore is a really small country.

You’ll need 50 minutes tops to travel from one end to the other.


10 hours for a burger?? Shit you are more dedicated than me fam but it could be because I drive for a living so that doesn’t help.

@Edmund that’s cool as shit that you have so much right by you. And I never realized Singapore was that small.


To this day and I still cant react to Birdie’s jump command grab even when I feel like they will do it ._.


I don’t really wanna watch it all, but you gotta understand Sagat’s basic fireball plan, cause you’ve jumped into every trap he set. I’ll try and help you understand where you should be threatening jumps, or trying to throw off fireball rhythms.

So like, the basic idea is that Gat has three fireball speeds, each one travels slower counting down in strength. If he throws a fierce Tiger Shot(You can tell the difference either by eyeing the fireballs speed, or his voiceline) he uses that to stop you from reactively playing around it with anti-fireball tools, or a neutral jump, or to not give you time to backdash and block etc. But because it hits sooner, Sagat gets less advantage, so he can rarely set up a “checkmate” scenario from this version of the fireball on block. “Checkmate” scenarios occur when Sagat gets enough block advantage to throw another Tiger Shot and still have time to DP you if you decide to forward jump. So, logically, the best tool to use to set-up checkmate scenarios is his LP.Shot, but MP.Shot works effectively too, at slightly longer distances. Highland set up immediate checkmate scenarios there and you jumped forward right into each of them. This is a defcon 5 nono. Do not do this.

To play around this, you need to do things like neutral jump, because if you neutral jump a light fireball, it lingers on screen behind you for a longer period of time, letting you walk forward and claim a lot of screen real estate for free while Sagat can no longer throw plasma. This will force Highland to start throwing HP.Shots more often, which are harder to get the neutral jump on at midrange to throw off his fireball rhythm, but leave him negative/very barely plus on block. This means throwing another Tiger Shot is an incredible risk, because a forward jump is going to punish him cleanly. And that’s 101 for Sagat, you need to understand how fireballs operate.

So as a very simple general rule of thumb, when you’re around the midrange fighting fireballs and you block one, you only want to threaten a jump after blocking a HP.Shot. Sagat could still just sit there and do nothing waiting for jump, but if he commits to a normal or another fireball, you are very likely to land the jump.

But most importantly, use your neutral jump! It’s the best option vs. fireball zoners because it ruins their ability to setup checkmate scenarios easily! Sagat has kara DPs to tag bad neutral jumps over LP.Shot, but at the right spacing it’s a completely free rhythm destroyer.

Hope that helps you a little bit.


That was really helpful!!! Thanks. Gonna rewatch the video with your advice in mind.

@Reticently Thanks! Really appreciate you guys!


I can react to the normal one. It’s the EX one that gets me 90% of the time.


If there was ever a time to pick up FANG, I suggest you guys start hitting up that training mode soon. Pretty sure 4.5 is going to buff his unbearable ass.

Then the prophecy will be complete and we can finally throw this game in the trash.


Until the new game comes out, then everyone will talk about how great SF5 was.


Funny you mention Trashbox:

Homie already eating in the Arcade on day 1.


One thing I forgot to mention, people always make a point of spacing in fireball match-ups without reason as to why, as an extension of what I just about using neutral jumps and walkdown effectively, the closer you get to Sagat, the less advantage he retains when you block any version of his Tiger Shot. And a lot of the time people walk in and just jump, or block a lot and get pushed out - ruining all of the space they claimed and letting Sagat setup checkmates again for free.

When you get close to Sagat, that’s when his option pool is stripped the most, especially because his normals are trash. So you can be aggressive with your buttons if he throws a bad Tiger Shot, and none of his poking options retain good block advantage. Never ruin that spacing with a jump that you know is a bad idea!

Cammy just wants to get I would say, just about into her st.hp range, and then keep walking Sagat down until she forces him to commit to something stupid. Threaten a tiger knee EX divekick or just try and hit confirm st.hp/ Lots and lots of, attempting to stuff his and tiger shots when you make that range.


SF5 had some really interesting new characters.

Outside of that it has the dubious honor of being the SF game tha makes me fondly remember 4.

SF5 plays this bad on purpose. Cant forgive that.


What are the things that made Abigail so wrong?

What are the thing you thought can be re-invent to Abigail if he would return in future SF games?


I’m not gonna tell you your wrong to hold your opinion.

I’m just always amused at the cycle. As I’ve said before, all the people praising SFxT makes me chuckle. I like that game… but yeah…


Just work him from the ground up next time with the actual intent on him being a giant, not just a large model.


Type Arcade is out now so I’m expecting Rose soon.


I was watching a lot of SFxT after the 2013 patch. I definitely know why it still gets praise.

But I aint trying to hear the joys of corner caries come SF6 much like Im not dealing with the “but it doesnt cover every option” defense of SF4 OSes.