Come and play MK11 Instead SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


Two Vegas in top 6. It’s time to believe.


Street Fighter’s twitter hasn’t changed it’s icon yet. I want to believe but what if?


Trashbox taking over IRL too?


Burn the Birdie downplayers.


What if… it’s SF6 already or SFV uber edition?


I imagine the Twitter would change tomorrow or Sat at the latest.


No I get it now. With the icon they have right now, they are obviously going to announce the arcade version on Sunday. Crisis averted.


A comprehensive and detailed post that documents events on street fighter league.


Iron Man uses the Proton Cannon. If you are hitting people with a Photon Cannon that means… We getting Spectrum fam!


Intense Honda energies are gathering I can feel it…

I play the waldstein


the e in e honda stands for edmond

edmond is a proud japanese name


Classic characters that will definitely not make me boot up the game again:

Fei Long
T. Hawk

But at this point I’m not even sure if Rose could get me back in. Might as well hold back the good stuff for SFVI which won’t have V-Triggers, shitty anti-airs, laggy sweeps and Abigail.


Classic characters that will definitely make me boot up the game again


but fuck fei long


Here it is…

Makoto’s brother
Dark Sakura
Honda’s Pupil

Bonus character Phantom.


I have one CD Key for GRID 2 if anyone wants.

Any takers ?


Should we do a bet between users if Capcom reveals something/doesnt reveal anything :thinking:


Honestly, it’s not even so much the characters themselves as it is their gameplay that’ll reel me back in. I’m still waiting on some BS, anime-esque zoner lol


there you go… :coffee:


Lets see if we can summon @metrokard


Random thought it’d be hard as hell to get out of silver against all those high ranked Asians who’ve been playing the game for years but just hopped on arcade type. Lol


can you see the full ranked list or just top 100 too? would be nice to know how many people are actually playing already. even tho the bp system blows the number for sure a bit up.