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I’m not tryna solve his problem fuck that guy.

If one of my female friends has somebpdy stalking her like this we are definitely pulling up. Violence may not even be necessary.


Law enforcement give you a slap on the wrist for stalking, but a good beating, you’ll remember that for a lifetime.


If only had Americans had an avenue of self defense that was protected by the founding document of the country…



Considering that my wife and I became friends because I made a dude that was starting to creep on her do the shake and bake, I’m gonna go with “What’s the softest shit said on SRK?”

Violence isn’t the answer to a lot of things, but its the right course of actions in some. People just don’t like to admit it. You have a simian monkey brain wired for Fight or Flight. That means that your brain is running software designed to keep the rest of your meat popsicle alive. As a matter of fact, all of your jail shit is not really a deterrent. The worst penalty you can get, the death penalty, has deterred nobody. So that threat of jail time means all of jack shit in practice.

OTOH, if you trying to do your thing means dealing with a bunch of unruly dudes, you’ll reconsider choices real damn quick. That’s why Walmart has greeters in the front: the fear of jail time is too esoteric for most people but a human being looking them in the eyes makes them steal less.


ATL and Philly are two places where people will solve shit by robbing you or stealing you in the face. May not completely solve the problem, but you’ll worry the next time you try.


Exactly. And besides this ain’t Brazil we not out here with machetes killing anybody just a regular beat up.


Violence might not solve his problem or make the creep understand, but bashing his face like that would at very least make me feel good and pull off some weight out of my shoulders from stuff that happened decades ago.
Some sort of late justice thing, even if only second hand justice.


Self defence, not assault. Feel free to justify violence though.


The only legitimately worst place to try this would’ve been in Puerto Rico. I can’t being explaining the number of ways in which Puerto Ricans don’t fucking play.

You think protecting a person from a stalker is assault?

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Shit in US schools shit was same. It’s a culture where people learn lessons best sometimes when they get punched out.

May be the rare case scenario where the kid comes back with the gun, but a lot of the time someone who’s going too far needs that whoop down and it works out.


You think a group of people need to beat down a dude who is most likely not even going to get into the venue? I mean what’s more unrealistic. And even if it were the case, and Ricki was around a group. Walk the dude to the correct authorities.

Yes, it would be assault.


We wouldn’t be able to have Batman in Frost’s world. I need my guy who beats people up because the cops don’t care.


I’ve never seen this kind of conversation end well


We have a lot of conversations that end well here. Just wait in Cipher chimes in.


no thanks, I’ve picked that up


Funny you say this my whole fam from philly and I got family in ATL I never met apparently.


Batman is allowed to, if the entire group beat the shit out of him in spandex, I’ll fully root for them.


Restraining orders and fines are a deterrent in 2019!? Lmfao

I worked for sheriffs office for almost 6 years. Crazy fucks like this don’t give a shit bout that or jail. You know what does set that ass straight? A fucking beatdown.

Never heard soft ass baby shit like this lol. Restraining orders don’t do shit.


Always nice to know discussions about terrible things still turn into pissing matches

I’m going to bed


I’ll tweet Ricki’s boyz at ATL and tell them to put on the suits.


Homie showed up to Ricki’s house out of the blue. I’d feel a lot more at ease for Ricki if this was just a social media thing. It isn’t. The law enforcement route has to be explored, definitely. I really don’t see him getting Timberland’d up unless it was a last resort.

I can’t tell if this guy is a lovesick weirdo that wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight or someone who might go from 0-100 if he doesn’t get the type of response he wants. Usually with these situations, it ends up being a wait and see type of ordeal…which can end pretty badly.