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Can’t tell if he’s fanatical about her, or if he wants to harm. Hard book to read, dude has that creepy deranged secluded vibe.


Frost you gotta remember that America has no problem with violence.


Yeah I forget your law system is fairly corrupt and doesn’t do much so it’s prob a diff story when you file orders on people. Beat the guy I could care less he human filth anyway.


You should receive a beatdown for writing ‘could care less’.


I have bigger problems with my phone auto correcting every “ye” into “ya” and making me sound like a basic white girl every time it gets typed.


Ever met a cop? lol


Not your country, no. Every police officer I’ve met in the UK has been a stand-up bloke.


America’s police force is the biggest gang in the country.


I honestly didn’t think people could be this damn green as grown adults.

I’m hilariously surprised.

Like Jesus fuck, I’ll avoid violence at all times because fights are terrifying things. Hell, one of the anthropology books I shill the most is “The Human Potential For Peace” (which is phenomenal and y’all should read it). But if you don’t think some people deserve to catch hands, you’re living in a snowglobe. You can have the silly point of view you want, but there are just gonna be people won’t share it. When you deal with those people, you won’t always have time to call the cops, hide and hope they get there in time.

So when shit gets real, y’all better nut the fuck about it.

You gotta put Frost’s softness into context: he is living in the “Shank your ass” capital of the world. The UK is on some Streets of Rage bullshit:

We got UK people telling us not to get into fight because walking around is like doing random encounters in an RPG. They don’t want to fight anybody because you never know when its gonna be one of the tough encounters where the mob has a rare weapon. :joy: :joy: :joy:


I mean multiple terrible things in your post, like trying to make it a national thing and pitting a country against each other in terms of crime - tasteful, incredibly so. And secondly thinking because I like to avoid needless violence I’m somehow green and unable to defend myself. I boxed for years, I’ve had brawls.

  1. I linked a news source from your country. you can’t say shit.

  2. If you’ve had fights outside of the ring, and think that protecting yourself with the skills you had wasn’t of importance, then you are some next level of punchdrunk.


I wasn’t debating the truth of the article, I was calling you a child for having this sort of shitty mentality to pit crime rates into each other, love nationalism.

For self defence, I would never attack someone standing around giving someone discomfort, I’d walk them away.

Gonna refrain from taking this further because you’re actin like a fucking kid lmao.


I mean hey, knifing is a thing, still rather have that than every white kid with a problem getting the girl gunning down a school or a yoga studio


That’s what you think a stalker is? You are so legitimately fucking dumb it hurts.

Secondly, the rise of street crime in the UK (centered around london) is making headlines internationally. Hell Puerto Rico, where I was born and raised, had 600 murders last year and got to almost 1,200 in 2011.

The idea that you’re going to wait for cops is about the silliest thing said on SRK. Shit, the person who was a police officer told y’all it was a silly ass thing to say too.

Good thing irony doesn’t kill.


Somehow I doubt a young guy with dark skin getting the cops called on him is going to end peacefully. That dude is going to get roughed the hell up, cops or not.


To be frank, the laws suck. Unless this creep actually does something to Ricki nothing will happen to him. I had a buddy with ex that was stalking him. Calling him from random phone numbers. Trying to get him fired from his job. He tried to get a TOP (Temporary Order of Protection) and they wouldn’t give him one.



Good games fam. I don’t get to play Sakura often.


Even when they do something often there is no guarantee of getting an order of protection. Scary shit.


GGs @Darc_Requiem

Definitely a lot of stuff I still need to work on. I’ve haven’t played Twin as much lately, so I’m a bit lacking on Kolin experience myself.


I’m not anywhere near Twin’s level. Sometimes I get in a zone and I play at level above my rank but that’s rare.