Come home, homeless woman bathing in my house. OH ITS A RAPE PARTY!


What say you, oh deprived SRK brethren? I say she has to pay for that soap and water somehow.


Time to put those dogs to sleep.

LOL @ that photo. Looking happy and sedated. Maybe that explains the dogs.


I didn’t see any mention of rape in that story…


Yeah that was what drew me into the story. Title mislead me!


It was implying what some would do…

I know she’d have to suck me up at the least. Well, considering the freshly cleaned vag…I think she’ll have to do more…


Get some more reliable dogs, man! :annoy:


Can there be some sort of rule about not making intentionally misleading thread titles. I’m getting a little tired of this.


I’d like to think that if the guy did rape her, he just as calmly would have told the story to the news.
“Here’s where she took the shower. Here’s where I tied her up. I let my dogs rape her too, and they were surprisingly calm throughout the whole thing. That’s when I asked her if she’d been here before.”


Worst thread ever.


Dear penthouse…


I’ve read worse things on SRK(Seeking Rape of all Kinds?), but you do make an excellent point. It’s only the thread title that implies rape. If the guy demanded to make sweet, intimate love to the girl as payment for the use of his shower, it would have been more like prostitution.
Sorry for the bad post, I just felt like I had to fit the dogs in there somewhere.

Let’s now discuss how the English language has a shortage of k-words, making it hard to come up with good acronyms.


man, i think you should just log out of srk for a couple months, bro. maybe even make a new account when you come back too… try it all over again.;


He was making a reference to the “IM THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH” Video


I made the mistake of reading the comments on this article.

A bunch of Obama hate on something that doesn’t even relate to our president. Honestly, check this shit:


So not only are you easily trolled by news article comments, but you drug it over here too.

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[S]Dunno man, i find the story of the dogs raping her more appealing[/S]


best bait title ever


Letting homeless criminals suck your dick is usually a bad idea.


Translation: she would rather make up a ridiculous lie and sound like a complete moron than admit that she willfully did something wrong.

I imagine cops hear these a lot.

Let us now open the floor for a barely related discussion about whether or not it’s child abuse to train your young kids to give money to a religious organization that they have not yet developed the critical faculties to evaluate fairly.


Man topic titles sure have been misleading as of recent.