Come Meet Your Fellow Mods :)


Hey guys, making this thread so you (the members) know who the moderators of this thread are. If you have any questions feel free to ask us via PM. I’ll have this thread stickied for a couple weeks then remove it. Just here to familiarize you guys with us and vice versa. The current mods that I know of here are:

  • Hellfromabove (myself)
  • Sosage
  • True_Tech
  • G0F0RBR0KE
  • d3v
  • Nocturnal

-Tha Hindu


Character forums? :3


I pushed for this in the Skullgirls section and unfortunately the popularity never really picked up with that game. Soon after it eventually died. Some say it will pick up steam when the patch gets released, but there is no ETA on that yet. So, in the end it seemed like the character forums didn’t really matter. I’m thinking we should really feel this game out for a while before we even ask the admins to implement a character forum. Yes, I know, it’s the number one game in Japan, but this is America. It’s popular in Japan because Japan is home of the animus. Let’s just test the waters for some time rather than going in head first.

-Tha Hindu


In any case, I’ve already put up links to the individual character threads in the Info Thread.


Glad to be able to help out for this section.




Great Scott! Two mods with Parasoul avatars?


<-- mojo bubbles > everyone else


Hello everyone.

I’ll soon run an online tournament for P4A. Question :Since I don’t have the game yet, been dealing with hard stuff. Does it have an open lobby and skipping matches while waiting?


Yes, the game does have these systems implemented. Hopefully you’re not running the tournament on 360. Like no one plays on it anymore. Can’t even get a page of Player Lobbies anymore. :frowning:

-Tha Hindu


No. This will be done more on PS3 than the 360. That’s for sure. I am only using my 360 for two games or 3. Marvel vs Capcom 2, MSH/MvC and 3rd Strike.