Come play at PSU Wednesday (Aug 6)

Come practice for Evo!


I imagine it’s just the same weekly as usual. 3-9 PM at whatever room they end up in.

actually around 5ish is probably the smarter time…

I’ll have the confirmation / room # in about an hour or so.
I’ll also check out 2 more TVs so we have plenty of stuff. 3 + 2, make sure we have enough consoles and sticks.

Okay, 5 TVs. 4:00-9:30. In the Food for Thought Cafe in the basement of Smith.

i might come through too with my roommate

I’ll probably be there around 4-7pm. Though not sure what I’ll do aside from hanging out because it’s training season for all the Evo crew and I’m pretty bad training for the games that are at Evo.

But I guess if a setup is available, I’ll be helping Ray practice for the VF tournament :slight_smile:

And I’m always up for some Soul Calibur if anyone wants.


I’m sure there will be a VF station so practice away. Other than that I think it’s going to be mostly CvS2 and GG practice.

Someone should bring a 360 for VF, cause the clubs is still busted. And the ps3 is gonna get used for SC4.
Hope to see everyone there.