Come play marvel in SF NOW. (friday )

hey i dont feel ike going to state cause i cant find my bank card.

so anyone with sticks and skill is welcome to come chill at the house and play marvel all day.

maybe 1-3 people.
i live in twin peaks and need weed to btw :smiley:

get at me, i’m cooking some soup.
lunch might be included.

so tempting…

yo i’m game, I jush play 3r strike n’ alpha 3, not much CVS o MVC, I’m the hugest fan of Soul Caliber 4 hit me up, I own a MAS stick that I need to adjust, I get off work at 5 most nites then its strait to RnC, I love twins peaks!!!

hmmm… i only have marvel at home.

3s and a3 are to slow for me :smiley:
i’d pwn you easily.

although Mvc is enjoyable, in my opinion I rate it as crappy when compared to 3s o a3, then again I’m not a game developer o a game reviewer, when I game its not about quikness of speed but smarts, Ive played 3s times more than Mvc and I still need to improve on consistency and landing combos accurately, I dont play money matchas, I play for me

what? dont call marvel crappy.
your face is crappy… :smiley: