Awesome, 200x200 avatars (pfffffffft)!

Welcome to everyone, I’m sure you guys want avatars after the upgrade, so throw requests at me here and I’ll see what I can do with the limits we have. I’m going to keep it HELLA SIMPLE so if you want fancy air brushy I just downloaded seventeen renders in cad and farted out a background avatars, go elsewhere please!

As far as I can tell avatars are 96x96, no animated gifs allowed. IGNORE the profile saying 200x200, it just has you cropping it to a thumbnail after ala Facebook (ugh). Also I don’t have a clue what premium users get so don’t ask for ‘premium’ size or what have you.

So request away and I’ll see what I can do.

Gasaraki -

Big Worm -

Yoh! -

Amazing Funbags -

Yummy -

Doofen -

Dr. w -

Eternal Blaze -


Ichipoo -

Mrs -

Oni -

Tone -

Victron -

Alter -

Crimson Cobra -

Ericcg -

Ezekial -

Fatal Error -

Orikasa -

Slick Rick -

Rodimus -

Shadow -

Wil -

Would like an avatar of BIG WORM, from Friday, please.

avatars are 200x200, but get resized to 96x96 on the post thread page.

also gifs might be coming backing, its just not a native feature in Xenforo yet.


They’re pretty much 96x96 though, for the sake of an avatar being an avatar and not a profile picture. I don’t understand the need to crop it or mimic facebook’s manner of doing it, but hey I’m not in charge so ;P~


hey MC, could you hook me up with something… anything? I got nothing in particular, just need something for the new srk upgrade. Anything u got in store is good for me.

I shall hit you up MC when I finally decide on a pic =/

Hey MC, we’ve been doing some experimentation with the av file sizes, and here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

It might be helpful, or it might not. But, if it is, I just wanted to point it out.

Simple and clean. Mmmmmmm

What can you do with this MC?

is it true that premiums kept their 100k? it’s probably only reading it under those who have the premium support banner.

Hey MC.

Wanted to request somthing with this image here.

Everything’s uploaded.

I made them 200x200, see if you guys can use them or not, I’ll try to experiment more.

Chibi, if you have time, think you can do a much better job than I did with my avatar using the same picture that I used in 200x200 with my name in the same font as the one you used for my Weiss avatar as well please?
Thank you in advance and much love. <3

Many thanks sir

Can I have something (anything) with this please?

Hey MC, can you do something with this

and just put my name name on it too, thanks

when you have the time, something with either picture and my tag (or just EB) would be appreciated. animated if possible

thanks MC

MC to the rescue.

lets run with this one. To stay in the “almost everyone going anime” avy switch. Have “Oni” somewhere if you can? Maybe a border or a shading background like Yummy’s avy?

If that’s too much, i’ll just shut up and take whatever you give me. Have fun with the limits…lol.

EDIT: If it helps, I gotta have that face.