Come test out my wip fighter!


Hello all! Check out the trailer for our final semi-public Alpha-Beta test for Evolver, a new competitive 2D platform fighter in development.

*Trailer showing some match footage and supers.*

Download link:!Ar53CWUHzI_th6c_90p3TcFbFWW4cA

Who and what:
My name is Micahl, and I’m the founder of a small, international dev team called Weapons Grade Studios. I’ve spent the last couple of years building a new, 2D fighter from scratch, and the code is almost market ready. To celebrate, we’re doing a final week of bug testing and then, next Tuesday, October 10th, we will be hosting our final beta test of this version of the game (with placeholder mugen sprites). I invite you all to check it out and give honest feedback and criticism on the mechanics and gameplay. I want to make the best competitive fighter that I can, and the best way to do that is through the community.You can get regular updates by following us on facebookand twitter as well as keep up with the weekly development on my blog.

When, how, and why:
This version of the game supports local Versus matches and sports a decent VS AI (used for all trailer footage) for those testing alone. We’ll be hosting the download from October 10th - October 13th on our facebook page, and I’ll be making bug fixes and updates daily based on the feedback I receive. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!

The game
Evolver is an extremely unique fighter with both platform and traditional fighting elements. Players build their fighters in the character select and use each characters unique abilities to take control of the match. With no true blocking mechanic, Evolver is fast paced and strategy intensive. With MOBA like resource management, interactable stage weapons, and a unique and original combo system, Evolver is a fighter like nothing you’ve ever played.

Additionally, we are looking for an artist to work on the project now that the VS code is finished. If you or anyone you know is interested, please PM so we can discuss the opportunity. Thanks.


Are you looking specifically for Sprite artists or maybe a concept artist?


I had been looking for a sprite artist, but I’ve since found a sprite artist and concept artist. We are still looking for more sprite artists, but they would be joining the team solely on a rev-share basis.


Testing starts today! Please see original post for download link.


Finally got an artist working on the project. Bumping with concept art for our main character.