Come to Jazzbones after NWM

If you guys like Hip Hop and art, there’s going to be a slammin’ show at Jazzbones celebrating Life Cycle’s Grounded EP

Performances by

Life Cycle

Grynch / Macklemore / B-Awake / Swerveone / DJ Hanibal

Jazzbones is located at 2803 6th AVE, Tacoma (253) 396-6169

$5 before 10:30, $8 after


Free Life Cycle MP3:

Thats tight Macklemore is still around. Saw that guy at UW a few years ago, hella good.

Jazzbones is a pretty tight spot, I might be down for this!

Macklemore and grynch are fresh as fuk! They are both on twitter btw, random fact. Grynch kinda looks like a mini-Evan, no lie man!

I will be in Canada tho so I cannot make it! Damn, Jazzbones is like 5 mins from my house…