Come up with your own fighting game >:o

be as in depth as you want.

I propose a 2D Matrix fighting game with hyper realistic and grungy graphics :smiley:

an underwater fighting game running at 120 fps

what are you implying with this idea :o that it will be just as fast as a normal fighter? lol

A fighting game designed to be played with Guitar Hero/Rock Band controls

Would like a mech fighting game. Sad that whatever that robot fighting game was got canned.

As for my own unique fighting game: I’m thinking something with characters from around the world fighting each other. Maybe a karate guy for Japan, a military guy or boxer for America, and some sort of giant Russian Cossack who likes to hump bears or something.


A fighting game with cats. And nothing else. Just cats.

I don’t just want to wreck my opponents; I want to ROCK them

Third Strike but remove Twelve from the character select screen

Sigh, yeah, mine is chugging along at a slow pace. Keep running into production problems but I’m still committed to getting it done one way or another.

For the record it’s a fighting game where the characters are nothing but giant anime girls.

Online Fighting Game/RPG Hybrid

Exploration is done from a simpler but colorful isometric perspective, with NPCs and events you can choose to interact with, including fights.
When you enter combat, it switches to the appearance and interface of a 2D fighter. 4-Buttons with 2 punches and 2 kicks of differing strength, and several universal mechanics.

There would be a limited number of character models because of the need to animate each model doing every move, along with any cosmetic items, though that could be limited to accessory items rather than changing a character’s appearance outright.

There would be a few “classes” at the start that give your character a pre-selected assortment of moves to fit well-known archetypes, and each class would be further subdivided into two styles with their own benefits/drawbacks. For example, there could be a “fighter” class that represents the shoto archetype, and that could be divided into aggressive/defensive styles.

Your normals, specials, and supers would effectively be your equipment and skills, with differing damage values, frame data, move types, and range. You’d acquire new techniques by acquiring them as loot, maybe as “scrolls” or whatever. Each character would have a set number of technique slots, and each technique can take up one or more slots. For example, you could have 15 slots for your normals, and very basic normals might take up 1 slot each. However, better normals and additional command normals could take up more than 1 slot, and with 14 normals for your character (crouch, stand, jump, 2 button), you’ll have to manage this space. Without a technique for a specific button (like you have no LP technique equipped), there is a very mediocre set of default normals. So perhaps you could give your character very strong grounded pokes, but because each of those buttons uses up several slots each, your jumping attacks are just bad. Or you’re left with having to choose between having a godlike crouching poke, or settling for a decent poke but adding a command normal for an easier confirm.

Specials are a separate class of technique, though you can also upgrade them by using upgrade points when you level up. You’d be able to name the special move, and improve values for damage, hitbox, and different frame data values like hitstun and blockstun, though all these values can cap out and each cap is also affected by your class. The advantage to having upgraded specials compared to ones that simply start better is that the upgraded specials would generally take up fewer slots. So then, one could have a fairly well-rounded character with several decent specials and one very good move, or a character that relies on a few, but powerful moves.

Parties would basically work KOF style, with the players deciding their order beforehand.

Meh idk, I don’t feel like thinking about this anymore, haha…

I’ve been coming up with a Barkley/Slam Jam - based fighting game. Gameplay is a mix of GG/VSav/JJBA.