Come vote for Team Light Kick's new design!

Hey everyone, you’ve been asking when it’d return, so here it is. The return of Team Light Kick. I’m sorry about last time, but I was getting well over 30 requests in one shot every time I finished the previous batch before it. This time things will be different, but don’t start jumping for requests just yet. The last ‘design’ left plenty to be desired, so this time I did my best to spruce things up to give you five new designs. There are two verisions, one for regular members, and one for the Premmies.

So go at it guys. You’ve got TWO chances to vote, meaning that if you vote once but then decide to change your mind for some reason, then that second vote is final. I’ll give you folks maybe until the end of the week to vote, and then I’ll get to the request thread. If you’ve got ANY comments, do tell me. If there isn’t a clear winner, we’ll I’ll come up with something. Take NOTICE of the comments I leave, they could alter which one you vote for.

Have fun!

1.Can-can Special:

The light kick symbol as a pattern, with your name in the left, and Team Light Kick on the right. This design works best with sprites or images that can easily be cut out. Something to take note of, if you’ve got a long ass name, you can either have it abbreviated, or I can simply put ‘TLK’ on the right, thereby allowing more space for handle.

  1. Midget’s Can-can Special:

The same as the above, simply with the pattern set at 25%, just in case the previous one conflicted with the sprites chosen, or possibly stood out too much. The deal with your screen names is also the same.

  1. SpacesDontExist:

A remake of the first design, but with the words Team Light Kick as the pattern, instead of the logo. This allows the entire bottom bar for your handle.

  1. Six Strokes:

A contribution by Tiger Genocide. The letters TLK painted onto a background, with the bar on the bottom for your name. Not as cluttered as the pattern oriented designs.

  1. Subliminal Minimal:

A return to the fonts of the old design, just in case some of you are ITCHING for it, with the symbol blown out to cover the rest of the space not occupied by the sprite.

Hope you liked it guys. T-shirt design soon to follow.


The first one. But I hate the name.

six strokes. And here I thought the rage was over.

cAN-cAN rawks.

3 or 5.

2 or 4.

I’d say 4.

You seem to be missing a lot of red in the BG…but 1 or 5.


The red will be in the sprite, and most likely the name. The last one had too much red, and having the sprites be red ontop of that didn’t work well. This time it’s balanced (as best I could do so).


I like 4 the most :tup:

4 is the best imo

Man this is something.

I actually try to make some new designs and the one design that wasn’t even made specifically for this is getting the most votes. Haha.

Call me King Midas.

Hah your current avatar makes that post funny

i am going to have to say 1 or 5

first one

Six Strokes…

Dont rep what you dont like son.

Style of 5, but with text box of 4 (At least for the premium size)


4 or 5. Now, off to find more domokun pictures. =D