Comedy Central Roasts


After watching the Trump roast last night, I figured we should have a thread because I know you all watch these.
The Trump roast last night was absolutely awkward when the Situation went up and tried. Dude got more coughs than laughs, and I couldn’t even bare to watch it. Do you guys know if celebrities get their material written for them? Or if they write it themselves? Cause I know the God and Top tier roasters all have papers with them when they go up.

At any rate, here is how I rate them from what I have seen…
Leary - Haven’t seen more than a bit of it, I did see Leary burn the fuck out of 'em at the end though.
Foxworthy - Haven’t seen it, probably not funny.
Pam Anderson - Probably B tier.
Shatner - A tier. Absolutely classless. Loved the Takei jokes.
Flava Flav - A tier. My favourite moment was when (I forget who) said "Look at this place, so many black men and alcohol. It’s like we’re in Lisa Lampanelli’s mouth."
Saget - S tier. Way too many nasty jokes about the Olsens, Stamos, Saget fucking Kimmy Gibbler and Cloris Leachman was godlike.
Larry Cable Guy - Tried to watch it. Those rednecks are too nice. Not funny.
Joan Rivers - Haven’t seen it. But I really really want to. I’m sure it’s amazing.
Hasselhoff - A tier. Way too much ammo for the roasters here. Really enjoyed it.
Trump - A/B tier. Snoop/Ross/Lamp/Matlee/Cummings killed it. I like Macfarlane as a roastmaster, good job like he did with Hass.

Can’t wait for more. I pray to god there will be one for Charlie Sheen.

PS. I love Whitney Cummings. :rock:


I can’t watch these. They remind me of the ones people in the 70’s did and those seem really gaudy. These ones seem gaudy too. There are only 3 people who I would be interested in watching.

Penn Jillette, William Gottfried and Joan Rivers.


They are indeed tasteless. And that is what makes them great.


I missed Trump’s. Going to have to watch a rerun.


They aren’t tasteless; but they have gone downhill since they stopped the tradition of only roasting comedians. Bob Saget was awesome, so was Drew Carey’s. “Drew Carey is to comedy, what Mariah Carey is to comedy.” That was too good.


Was it Snoop that had that blast? It was pretty funny.

I think it might have been Emmitt Smith’s roast that Jamie Foxx hilariously [media=youtube]B_L-gbpKZpo"[/media] on Doug Williams?

I think to some degree they’re not as good as they used to be for some reason.


<3 Whitney Cummings. I’ve only watched Saget and Hasselhoff’s roasts (and semi-watched Trump’s and Anderson’s), but I’m pretty sure there are usually lots of good lines in these.

I do have a question, though: have people always been allowed to say “shit” on TV? Seems like I’ve been hearing people say “shit” all the time now.


In the Hugh Hefner one, I think the funniest moment was when Ice T went up there did his bit but nobody really laughed.

Gilbert Gottfried goes up and says verbatim the exact same thing Ice T and it is HILARIOUS.


I liked Hasselhoff. Jeff Ross was great in it. Pam Anderson looked genuinely insulted too.

Edit: If anyone finds a leaked version of Tarantino’s let me know. It was apparently the best one but was never aired because it was for charity only.


Greg Giraldo saved the past few roasts before he died, IMO.


Giraldo was the king of the last 4-5 roasts, the regulars all said something about him last night. Jeff Ross was great as ever last night. Larry King from what I remember was actually really funny, calling Lisa Lumpybelly. McFarlane improved over his last Roastmaster imo

Who is that Jezzelneck dude? Never seen him before and he was pretty good

The “sitch” was pretty damn terrible, I was hoping he would just sit down halfway through his shit. I don’t remember anybody else bombing as bad as him last night, Ice T had atleast some support. Situation got fucking murdered by the crowd

Also <3 Whitney Cummings <3


the shaq roast was great, especially the guy that bombed then tried to after jamie foxx


Norm MacDonald trolling the Bob Saget roast was awesome. Dude just didn’t really care to be there. :rofl:


The Donald Trump Roast was excellent. The Situation got tried hard… he wasn’t a grenade, he was a NUKE!


norm and gilbert make these roasts.

lol@ cancer jokes being the gone too far line. not deaf jokes…rape jokes are ok…cancer is a nono hahahah


Holy shit, Bob Saget’s response at the end of the roast was too funny LOL

Bob Saget - The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget - Video Clip | Comedy Central


George Takei at the mic is too good. He’s just enough of a mixture of jest and sincere irritation to make everybody in the room genuinely uncomfortable.


Jeff Ross rips it up at roasts. I’ll always miss Greg Giraldo. “You’re so fat, when you watch porn, you cum when the guy brings the pizza”

I still use that line, RIP Greg :slight_smile:

Whitney Cummings is fucking hilarious, her jokes about Hogan and Pam Anderson fucking floored me. For extra laughs, youtube Jeff Ross and Whitney’s roasts outside of Comedy Central. When I finish moving later today, I’ll try to throw some up if you guys are too lazy to find em.

I will have to find the Trump roast online…they usually go up on sites a couple days later :stuck_out_tongue:

And odin, you oiler loving bastard (Penner is ripping it up in LA)…yeah, celebs write their own shit, but usually the smart ones go to comedy shacks and ask comedians to work on em for them. Thats why some celebs bomb, like when Jamie Foxx almost made a brother cry.


I just watched the Shatner one. No doubt, the Takei jokes were amazing.