Comfortable House Shoes/Sandals


Alright SRK Fam, I need your help.

My sandals have finally bit the dust. I’ve been putting off buying a new pair and roaming around on amazon, most of the sandals I find are either A) Overpriced, or B) have terrible durability and a lack of comfort. So I’ve come to you guys for a little bit of help seeking that perfect house shoe/sandal.

I wear a size 15 ~ 16, so if you guys know any recommendations as far as size, comfort, and pricing goes, comment and help me find something that’ll last a while. Thanks.


What the fuck are house shoes?


House shoes dude. Sandals, the shit you put on your feet when you ain’t wearing shoes in your house. Slippers nigga. Slippers.


Shoes… indoors? :worried:


You folks really gonna pretend like you don’t know what a house shoe is?



Buncha dirty socks, feet and floor having fucks up in here.

I need a new pair honestly but I wear something like these, not that exact make but they’re addidas and have that awesome cushion, during the summer months and some nice wooly moccasins during the colder months.

But my feet are like 4 sizes smaller than yours and my cushions have rips in them so I’m probably not the best person to ask.


Should have said slippers in the first place you monghole. Nobody calls them house shoes…


I wear Adidas sports sandals. Sure, $30 is expensive but the last pair I owned lasted me for like 7 years.



OP just wear slippers, or Toms, or moccasins.


Naruto boots would probably work best for your situation


Size 16?!?!? Shak is that you?


ye boy, I’m rocking some Nike Total 90 sandals, shit is comfy


LMFAO niggas be Mr Rogers up in here w house shoes n shit

I HATE wearing socks/shoes. Probably because i spent so much time swimming in pools/at beaches as a kid. I go barefoot or wear flip flops as much as possible in the summer


FUCK SLIPPERS seriously can’t stand those shits just go barefoot in your own home.


Fucking peasants


Pittsburgh hero, bro.

Kicked off the Bucco Bandwagon

I also have a “work hoodie” that goes on after I take my winter jacket off at the office.


Use these


those look uncomfortable as shit
edit: and weeaboo as fuck

use these


And fuck up your carpet? Sit down

Where is @Manx to guide these lost soles


I have messed up arches in my feet, I have to wear shoes/sandals with arch and heel support otherwise I’m in hella pain. Going barefoot on hard wood floor aint uh…the best idea I’ve ever had.