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I drew all these pictures in three days, some of my fastest work ever. I colored pages 2-6 in 4 1/2 hours due to the fact I just got out of my first class of the day at 2 and turned in my work at 6:30 even though my next class was at 6:00. The 1st page took the longer than ALL of pages 2-6 due to my lack of knowledge of drawing anything but people. I had to draw like a freak so I apologize in advance for any complications involving the art or direction. Otherwise, ENJOY!

I’ll finish this comic around February, I am probobly going to re-draw many frames 2.

This is for a short publication I am doing so there really isn’t much room to develop an amazing story…

Everyone born in this era is pre-determined to live their life in an optimally productive fashion due to gene and trait harmonizing. Based on their innate characteristics at birth each individual is given a plan for easily accommodated, successful, and productive living. Their attributes are mathematically analyzed in order to determine the most inherently sound conduit for living, once this is determined that individual is given special access or certifications to work or study in an occupation that relates to their highest percentage chance of success. This ensures complete order of society and equal opportunity for every human being encompassing the world and space. Those without the will to endure the necessities of optimal productivity will be able to have their way about living, but they assuredly will induce confrontation amongst the members of society whom disapprove of illogical or counter-productive acts. People of natural birth would primarily fit these characteristics; the hune, are not uncommon but are despairingly unpopular amongst the community. Their existence is marginal and soon will be swallowed up by the desire for the super-evolution of the human race.




Pretty good for 3 days. Yeah backgrounds are a bitch and takes mad reference and time to do. Hope to see the real deal in feb.


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THX, and tell me whats wrong with it god damn dem der deammn.

I replaced image 6 as its size was WAY 2 small.


Umm Ill give you a crit tomorrow. Gotta get back to doing some stuff.



Cool, thankas.

What do you do.


Hmm lets see. You know environment plays a big role in composition which you already know that. I think you should have more variety of character shots because you already have a bunch of angles going on. You might have too many character close ups. Pretend you’re a photographer and play around with the background, mids, and foreground shots cause sometimes your pictures seem airy and flat.

Drawings are definitely good for the time spent. I like that first pic alot because it reminds me of anime I watched where you have ships flying like that game Skies of Arcadia. Very cool. I’m no writer so i thought your story was cool. Over slammin work.


Hmmm… I know what you are saying. I just need to figure out how to implement it.