Comic Con 2007 Exclusives are up!


nothing there I really want except Pimp Destro and the Goonies “Copper Bones” Prop.

ah man, i thought this thread was going to post ALL exclusives not the reg ones from the updates. Meh, surprised you didn’t post this in the action figure thread where it belongs rather

well, I didn’t have a list of the other exclusives.

and I felt that it merited its own thread.

Man, that Copper Bones is hot. If anyone’s going, I might be willing to pay a little extra for it. :smiley:

heh, It’s the exclusive I’m most excited about.

I need to get some money and a friend and hope for the best.

hopefully I get this job I’m wanting. Because if I do, I’m gonna get it come hell or high water.

Best thing I saw - Ford GT Rodimus. Since I am just about the only fan Rodimus has. Though I wouldn’t buy that toy though not enough money lol!

Worst thing I saw - Snoopy and Woodstalk in Star Trek costumes - UGH. That just makes me want to throw up… I like Peanuts and OG Star Trek but not combined bleah… :tdown:

Eh I’m not going to the con anyway so what does it matter… :wonder:

zombie cap is too amazing

yo sano, since you’re coming down, I would assume you’re going to evo as well :smile:

what up, we going to have an srk comic crew meet up at san diego this year?

Sano, you’re mistaken, there are many Rodimus fans.

we’re just not vocal about it, because the fans who hate him are many, and we are few.

I thought I said I wasn’t going to SDCC anyway. :rofl:

I don’t have enough loot to buy Ford Rodimus Prime so I don’t have a loot to hop on a plane and travel to the other side of the country sadly. Who knows maybe one of these years…

I don’t know too much about the tourney scene nowadays but I know there is another Sano player on the west coast who people think is me sometimes… but it isn’t.

Taichi - Yeah go Rodimus! :tup: