Comic Con 2009 SFIV Fightstick - Worth it?

I have a chance to buy one of the limited 250 run each system comic con 2009 sticks for only 180, which was retail price. It is used, but it is in good condition.

My question is, will the item really retain/grow in value over these next years? I love the stick, and want it regardless, but I am just wondering what the actual upside is on this thing.

Any opinions are appreciated! Thanks!

Actually, $180 isn’t that bad of a deal, IMO. Considering a new TE at the time was $150, for any TE (and it was during the stick famine of 2009, as well!)

I’d just get it for the collectability. Sure, it’ll probably grow in value just because that’s what rare items do, but then gain, not sure how much the demand is for it. Doesn’t matter how rare of an item it is without a lot of demand. I’d just get it because it is that awesome comic-con TE that it is.

yeah that is what i was wondering. what the demand is. I am new to the fighter scene, and am really getting into it. Right now I have the Chun Li stick but would consider returning it for the comic con one. I do love the chun li stick though

Chun Li is probably the best one they have made, in my opinion. Best PCBs (especially for the PS3 version), excellent case and artwork, a winner all around, aside from the choice of clear bezel. I’d swap it for a yellow bezel. But it isn’t as limited and rare as the Comic Con one.

Yeah, I have it for the 360 and am kind of bummed they have to color the buttons like a standard controller.

Also, there is a scratch on the 3D lenticular screen, and I emailed madcatz about it. If they dont replace it, I might return it. Being a limited item and such a beauty, it really bothers me.

Mine has scratches on it 'cause my kid likes the awesome sound it makes when you waggle your fingernails on it. If you are planning to use it as a primary stick it is almost inevitably going to get scratched.

yeah I understand that, but for it to come out of the box with a pretty big and deep scratch I think is a bit unacceptable for such an expensive item.