Comic-Con 2010 Live: Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV Panel

My feelings exactly…

3s OE makes up for it though… but just barely.

Out of touch with who, you? I’m sorry that Capcom doesn’t bend to your will and only make games you want to be made.

Who exactly wanted this to be made? In order to make money off the games, the consumer has to actually WANT to buy the game. If they don’t, it’s a waste.

So the two different versions thing turned out to be true, :o

Exactly. I think everybody thought: “Wow…wouldn’t that be kinda weird if Tekken vs Street Fighter? Seriously!! How cool is that idea!”

Now that it’s announced…I don’t think anyone really gives a shit.

are the 2 games going to be sold seperately?

Won’t matter, don’t see it doing good at all. If we’re lucky, BOTH games utterly fail and we forget it exists.

we’re fighting game players ie. a bunch of stupid whoores

if the game has a good underlying system, lots of depth and is fun to play… we will all pick it up and start playing it.

whoa. how are you guys doubting the game when you havent even seen it yet? or played it? RELAX! give it a chance

lol we haven’t even seen ONE frame of footage and everyone is already doom and gloom unbelievable.

Why create another crossover game with MvC3 already in the works? Not that I’m complaining, I’m intrigued, actually, but it just sounds strange.

man i got so hyped just itching to see which new ssf4 characters get revealed :frowning:

Street Fighter vs. Te…huh…Tek…ken? Was that it? See…I already forgot.

All joking aside…we’ll see down the road.

Why would we “be lucky” if the games aren’t good or successful?

People complain about everything…

i’ll give the game a chance

Wouldn’t be hype for Mario Kart vs Project Gotham Racing…Seems like the same kinda concept.
Only disappointed because I was really hoping for something I had an interest in to be announced (I do like SF3, but I’m talking about the main announcement.)…It’s a shame cause it’ll take up a lot of resources that coulda been used on something else.

No Rolento announcement = I don’t care about ANY of this news. I was even “meh” about SF3 Online after he trolled me. I mean for god sakes.

  1. You put up avatars on PSN
  2. you showed off the extra character slots
  3. you confirm there is new characters

You seriously can’t just go to step 4 and mention at least 1 or 2 names? No trailer needed just stop screwing around with people. This is the 100000th time this guy has done this crap and I seriously hate him. If I saw him in real life I’d confront him through his translator and get him to stop being such a fuckwad when he wants to announce crap. Don’t tease to a tease to a tease to what will end up being another tease. (Twitter tease b4 Evo, Evo Tease on stage, to more twitter tease b4 comic con, to a tease at comic con, to what will most likely be ANOTHER tease at tokyo game show)

Capcom needs to stop letting him do any PR for his games. :confused:

This looks a lot more like it will play like SF4 with assists where as MvC will play like well… MvC.

bunch of sourpuss retards. why do you want the game to fail? fucking idiot

@zlakto: If you feel that way…I’ll send the message to him tomorrow at the con.:rofl: