Comic-Con details now made public ( Spoiler warning! )

All Comic-Con Gaming news:

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to show off Final Spider-Man. (not yet clear on specifics, all access is currently strictly knowledge to Marvel/Activision employees.)

New X-Men “First Class” game and Captain America Game to be revealed.

Arcade Update announcement of Super Street Fighter IV to include 7 additional characters. Footage of “Alex” and “Rolento” is shown off.

Footage of New Darkstalkers Game featuring demonstration of 2 new characters whom are a white-haired teen witch girl and a harpy.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 to show off new characters Trish, Dr. Doom, Chun-Li and Super Skrull with playable demo.

DC to announce new Green Lantern game, Game highlight is 3 different Green Lantern characters with 3 different gameplay styles.

Early Tekken 7 footage to be shown with only one new character shown, resembling a Yakuza-like female that has facial scars resembling that of kakihara from “Ichi the killer”.

All Comic-Con Non-Gaming:

New footage/trailer from upcoming Thor movie to be showcased.

“Special Movie” trailer for new Marvel IP to be shown off afterwards. (not yet clear on specifics, all access is currently strictly knowledge to Marvel employees)

This is absolutely everything of any importance, there is nothing else there, I can contest to this. Images and further Details will be provided.


I hope the new DS has all the existing characters from the console version of VS. As for Tekken 7, seems that it won’t be called TTT2 after all :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind…

And you just joined today so EVERYONE should take your word…because?

Where are you getting this info from?

Sounds fucking amazing.

Please let NvC and CvN be bullshit.

Rolento and Alex! Jesus Christ… should be here before holidays since they are on arcade then…

Jesus Christ.

I will only care about this news once you are banned by an administrator.
Then it will be legit.

>7 other characters

So Rolento,Poison,Hugo,Elena,Alex,Q and Charlie?

Fuck yes!Lol this game is gonna have more characters in it than MVC3.

Uh, yeah…I hope you get banned, so this is legit. If you aren’t…thanks for nothing.

People, don’t get your hopes up too much. The Con’s in what, 2-3 days? I’m sure you can make it that long without hanging onto every detail, whether legit or not.

I’m sorry but damn… that would be a dream come true.

Very interesting… probably fake…

o _ o …

I don’t even…

" The Comic-Con Spy"

If this is true about the Darkstalkers game and Super Street Fighter IV characters I’ll be very very happy.
But right now, his information is as good as anyone else’s.

I also found even more leaked info for this years Comic-Con:

New Bloody Roar game with two new characters shown.

Dead or Alive 5 with footage of new character creation mode shown.

Square Enix reveals Tobal 3 with details on the new game’s quest mode.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown with details of a possible international console release.

New Guilty Gear for Xbox 360 and PS3 with the game’s netplay being discussed.

New Melty Blood sequel with footage of the PC version being shown.

Capcom’s press conference on their plans to make Street Fighter Alpha 4 and 3s: HDR, as well as a sneak peak on Rival Schools 3.

SNK reveals footage of two new SamSho games, one 2d and one 3d, as well as a press conference on them resurrecting the Maximum Impact series.

Tecmo Koei reveals footage of a potential spiritual successor of the underrated Destrega.

He is right about the Trish,Superskrull, and Chun Li. So he might be on to something.

no fucking way! : DOOM, SUPER SKRULL, More in Marvel Vs Capcom 3

yep and boy does superskull look nasty…and if its true bout ssf2…omg